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Tips on What to Pack Before a Tour to Morocco

When traveling to Morocco, people often wonder what they should pack. Some people are worried about security, so they will forget important items. Morocco is really quite safe, and it is doubtful that anything will be stolen from you. People sometimes forget the most obvious things, and end up regretting it. From personal experience, here are a few top things that you should definitely take with you on your tour.

One thing that you should bring is your swimsuit, especially if you are planning a more luxurious tour. Most of the nicer hotels and riads in Morocco will have clean, beautiful pools for your enjoyment. The weather in Morocco is hot during the summer and if you are traveling to the Sahara, the desert is always warm and sunny.

Another thing that is essential for you to bring on your trip to Morocco is a camera. Morocco is not well known for its thievery and you and your electronic devices shall be safe from unwanted hands. Also Morocco is a beautiful place, and it has been known to cause many people to fill up their entire camera's memory card! There are so many beautiful sights and with your camera you can capture moments in time that you will never want to forget. Whether it is walking through the Medina shopping, or riding on camels, these memories will be with you forever.

Proper clothing is always nice to have wherever you may go. Morocco's weather changes dramatically during its seasons so it is always good to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, Morocco's winters are very cold and in many places snow will fall. Most people believe that because Morocco is in Africa, especially near the Sahara, it will never get cold. Now, your snowsuit will not be needed but a jacket would come in handy. The desert, no matter what the season, is hot. The mornings can be cool in the winter, but by mid-morning the temperature will have risen considerably. Light clothing is wanted during the summers. The Morocco culture has more strict ideas of modesty for women; so if that is a concern of yours, try to wear short sleeves, not sleeveless, and longer pants. It might be thoughtful for you to adapt to their culture. In the more modern cities, such as Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, capris are acceptable but shorts are not.

You may pack your computer, as WiFi is very common in Morocco. If you do bring your computer, however, it might be nice to use it rarely, as this is a vacation, not business. You only need to pay a few dirhams to get your Internet and the nicer hotels and restaurants provide this for free.

Another thing to bring is your adaptor for a two-pronged ROUND plug. Morocco is not equipped with square plugs or three pronged plugs. Keep in mind that adaptors do not change the current. Even if you have the right adaptor, you need a transformer to change it to 220. It would be very unfortunate to ruin a device by plugging it in to the wrong current.

Enjoy your stay in Morocco!