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Morocco Vacations - What Women Should Know

Women who are having Morocco vacations are usually treated with courtesy. The treatment however, has been regarded throughout generations as a fair game for many Moroccan men. Women who are bound to travel to Morocco are required to dress decently to disfigure the perceptive view of western-influenced from Moroccan men.

There are a variety of useful tips on how to make Morocco vacations for women peaceful, enjoyable, and trouble-free. Women must take note of the dress they will wear when visiting the different tourist spots in the country. They are required to wear tops which cover the upper part of their arms and skirts with longer length as much as possible. Wearing a light headscarf most especially in crowded places shows respect towards Moroccan culture. The women living in the country never make eye contact with strangers especially men. Female tourists are also required not to make contact with a Moroccan man most especially if they don't have any connection with the person in general. This will help them avoid unwanted situations in the country such as sexual harassment or seduction.

Women who are on Morocco vacations are also required to be confident in treating the residents. They can do this effectively by ignoring or refusing invitations from strangers in a polite manner. If ever that a woman having a vacation in the country encountered serious harassment from a Moroccan resident, she is free to seek help from authorities. According to Morrocan traditions, a tourist who yells "Shouma" or "Shame" signifies that the person experienced harassment from a Moroccan.