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Traditional Clothes

Moroccan clothing varies by region, depending on local traditions more than a way of life, it is not dependent on any mode.
In modern cities, clothing "the European" is gaining ground, but it still bears many traditional clothing.
The most common is the djellaba adopted by women as by men, it is a long garment with sleeves, but wide right, "coveralls", the men go on a woolen shirt or suit their tent flap and hood often on tarbouche. The gandoura is a kind of sleeveless tunic, usually white. caftan, a fashion imported in Europe, is the toilet of urban, buttoned front throughout, with small balls tight slit on the sides, it can be done, for special occasions-in a rich fabric (velvet, silk, brocade ...), and trimmed with gold or silver. The Moroccan port ent with an embroidered belt.