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Discover Magical, Mystical Morocco on a School Trip

The school trip has become an increasingly valued part of the national curriculum and with the world opening its doors to travel the opportunity to take groups of students on educational trips is endless. Taking students out of their familiar classroom environment broadens minds, introduces new experiences and encourages motivation and renewed enthusiasm. While theory and learning through textbooks has its place, there is nothing quite like putting a subject or a concept into context and considering it from a three dimensional perspective.

On a school trip, students are taken out of their comfort zone and gently encouraged to push their boundaries and question their preconceptions. There is no better way to learn than by experience. Alongside the educational advantages of a school trip, students are also given the chance to develop socially and personally, interacting with new cultures and conversing differently within their peer group.

There are wonderful travel companies that organise excellent school trip packages to some very exciting destinations across the world. All subjects are covered, all ages catered for, and all requirements taken into account before the trip is finalised.

What to See in the Diverse Country of Morocco

Morocco is magical and there is no other word for it. A place of exotic sights, smells, tastes and sounds, this country is captivating in every sense. Morocco is a developing country and one that embraces its past with great honour while tackling the future with marvellous vigour. In Morocco, students will have ample opportunity to compare the society, economy and community with that more familiar to them.

From the ancient Medina of Marrakesh to the tourist beaches of Essouria, from the incredible mountains of the High Atlas to the nomadic Berber culture of the lowlands, Morocco is a country of contrasts.

Beginning in Marrakesh students will be able to get a real feel for the Islamic culture that presides here. Divided into two parts, the city has a new, more European district called Gueliz and the ancient Medina, which is the historical part of the city. The two areas are pulling in different directions and while the Medina is made up of a labyrinth of tiny alleyways, exotic looking jewellery shops, snake charmers and spice stalls, the new district is distinctly more modern with flashy malls, high rise banks and branded shops.

The souk in the medina is the largest in the world and is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon. The Museum of Marrakesh has some wonderful artefacts while the Koutoubia Mosque is also worth a visit. Known as The Red City, when you walk around the city walls of Marrakesh you soon understand why.

From Marrakesh visit the Agafay Desert and consider how the nomadic people of this land have had to embrace a more settled life in order to survive. Behind lie the Atlas Mountains and the enormous Lake Takerkoust, which is seven kilometres long. Students will have a chance to consider the importance of irrigation and hydro electricity when they learn about the reason for the lake's existence.

Morocco has so much to offer eager students on a school trip. From the stunning landscapes to the underlying political and economic issues, and from the rich history to the deep-seated religious influences, students will have plenty to explore, much to question and lots to take back to the classroom.

Taking Trekking Tours in Morocco

All regions of Morocco can be trekked if you want adventure. Unfortunately, some regions of Morocco require summer trekking experiences. Jbel Toubkal is the highest mountain peak in the Atlas Mountains. The higher elevations experience heavy snow fall during winter. It can also turn very cold up there during the evenings. For this reason Morocco tours will hike the mountain at certain parts of the year.

This is only a concern for individuals wanting the ultimate adventure. Anyone who is visiting Morocco to soak up culture can find Morocco trekking all year. These types of tours can be day hikes, overnight treks, and even a few days out in the mountainous regions of the country.

One of the easiest trekking experiences to have is the Ourika Valley. This hike is three hours of walking, with three hours of driving. You will visit Berber villages, the salt mines, and a beautiful waterfall in the High Atlas Mountains. The valley is lush with plants and animals. If you are lucky you may even see a Barbary Monkey on the trek.

For anyone wanting a more involved High Atlas trekking sojourn Imi Ourlad to Imlil may be the right tour. This trekking High Atlas Mountains tour lasts for three days with four to five hours of trekking a day. Like many of the trekking excursions you will begin in Marrakesh and drive to Imi Ourlad before starting the hike up into the valleys and gorges of the regions. From Imi Ourlad it is possible to reach Tizi Nlbour at 1600 meters. This area provides a guest house for lunch called Imsker. Once you have lunch with a beautiful view as a compliment, you will move on to Ait Aisa. Ait Aisa is at 1400 meters. It is a village, with a very long history. The traditions of the area help you immerse yourself in the culture of the region.

The next day you move on to Imnan Valley, Arg, Amssakrou, Ikiss, and then stop in Tinghrinn. All the while you are on this trip look out for the natural wildlife of the area. Tinghrinn is at 2100 meters. The last day takes you back down the High Atlas Mountains and to Marrakesh. All along the way you will spot waterfalls, streams, and running rivers teaming with the runoff from higher elevations. Whether you want a day hike or several days to experience Morocco the options are there for you.

Cakes in Morocco

Gastronomy in Morocco is a fascinating domain that gives visitors another chance to discover the Moroccan culture, an amazing fusion of cultures and colours, especially since Moroccan cuisine shows the variety of Moroccan society. The preparation of cakes expresses too the great savoir-faire of Moroccan women, who have done many efforts to develop and innovate in this domain, a discipline that has been transmitted from generation to generation and that, day after day, its shows that a successful balance between modernity and originality can be achieved.

In this article I intend to explore some of the specificities of preparing cakes in Morocco. I will also mention some of the most famous types of Moroccan cakes.

Variety is the key word if when talking about cakes in Morocco. First, visitors to Morocco will see that women in Morocco rely on totally natural products when preparing their cakes. The most common products used in cake baking are almonds, nuts, raisins, and rose water. All these products are usually used for decoration, perfuming or stuffing.

Also, Moroccan women prefer to use several motifs that depict and evoke nature, such as flowers, plants, fruits and some geometric patterns like triangles, circles, waves, etc.

Moreover, visitors will find different and varied types of cakes specific to each region in Morocco. We can say that cakes in Morocco can be divided into two main types: on the one hand, there are some cakes that are presented in everyday life with the tea, like "elfakass", which is a very simple cake, prepared with flour, sugar, oil, eggs, and sesame seeds. It can be perfumed with orange juice and has the shape of a half circle. The "ghoriba" is a round cake prepared with oil, icing sugar, flour and can be livened up with dates, honey, cinnamon, peanuts, etc.

On the other hand we can find some other types that are often presented in special occasions. Such is the case of, for example, the "chbakia", which is prepared with flour, butter, saffron, and some other ingredients depending on the regions. This cake can be irrigated with honey and decorated with sesame and almonds and is prepared for Ramadan.

There are also the "lebriwat", which are triangles prepared with very fine paste stuffed with almonds and sugar, fried in oil, and irrigated with honey. In addition to these, there are many other cakes elaborated for special occasions, such as the "lkaak", which can take many shapes and show different motifs and is presented during the "Achoura" day.

Also the "kaab ghzal" or "gazelle's horns", one of the most famous cakes in Morocco, are usually eaten in special occasions. They are in the shape of a crescent and are stuffed with an almond paste and perfumed with orange blossom essence.

Moroccan cakes can thus provide you with a clearer idea of the great civilisation of Morocco. Moreover, it shows the creativity of Moroccan women, as well as their knowledge and respect for tradition.

If you want to discover the delicious Moroccan cakes I invite you to come to Marrakech, where you will get an excellent chance to enjoy all types of Moroccan cakes and will certainly change your view of patisserie. The Ochre City is waiting for you and welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to enjoy some magical moments full of joy and happiness.

Moroccan Home Decorating Ideas

Tired of looking at the same bedroom, same dining room and same living room again and again? Then it's time for a change. This time to not just change the furniture or the color of your home, rather go for a completely different look. Decorating your home in Moroccan style is the latest trend these days. Morocco is like a melting pot of different cultures and styles and so the Moroccan style decor will have some of the features of every culture and style. One can even see hints of Arabic style in it.

Moroccan home decor can be classified into two types - urban Moroccan decor and rural Moroccan decor. The urban décor involves the use of ceramics, metal, wood and leather. On the other hand, the rural decor has more of the Middle Eastern influence, with an emphasis on the use of rugs, fabrics and embroideries. The best feature of having a Moroccan style decoration is that the objects used in it are usually those that have use in practical life too. Given below are some tips that will help you in decorating your home in the Moroccan style.

Moroccan Style Decorating Ideas

Use of Bright Colors

When decorating your home Moroccan style, make sure to use bright natural colors. The colors like green and blue, found in the sea of the area, and the ones like gold and yellow, found in the surrounding desert, should be used as much as possible. You can combine other colors like vibrant red, orange or purple with blue or gold to create an effervescent ambiance. Feel free to use of vibrant colors such as pink fuchsia, lavender, and orange while keeping the aesthetics in mind.

Bring Nature Home

For creating the tropical atmosphere seen in Morocco, you can make extensive use of plants. The more exotic the plants, the better look they will bring to your house. At the same time, they will also provide you with some greenery in the 'concrete-jungle' world of today. If it is feasible, you can also get textured walls.


Lighting plays a very important role in adding that perfect Moroccan flavor look to your home decor. Moroccan light fixtures are totally different from those used in the other parts of the world. Moroccan light fixtures include Moroccan sconces, Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan hanging pendants, and Moroccan lamps. A great source for quality handmade Moroccan light fixtures as well as Moorish lighting is a California company called Saint Tropez Boutique that design and handcrafts Moroccan light fixtures in Casablanca, Morocco and exclusively distributes them in the U.S.A. The reason why I like Saint Tropez Boutique because they are unique Moroccan light fixtures designs, plus they handcrafted from top quality Moroccan solid brass that has been carved into refined and intricate patterns. Addition to that Saint Tropez Boutique is the exclusive dealer in the U.S.A that has Moroccan light fixtures pre-wired for the UL-Standard (pre-wired for the U.S Standard wiring). To learn more about Moroccan lighting by Saint Tropez Boutique, please visit them online at:

Extensive Use of Textures

Moroccans love extensive use of textures in their home. So, if you want to have a Moroccan style look, rule out too much use of smooth and sleek materials. In fact, the fusion of multiple textures and shapes will be best. You can have darkened wood plank floors, which can be covered with natural fiber rugs of sand-ish color. This will not only add texture to the room, but also provide you with some comfort under the feet. You can also try draping fabric from the ceiling.

Some Other Tips

Colorful mosaic tables not only give a Moroccan feel to your place, but also help to brighten up a dull room. Use of handmade Moroccan tiles will go a long way in creating a Moroccan decor. Use of Moroccan tent as a Moroccan lounge getaway in your own backyard. Use of Moroccan wood lattice screens also known as Jali Screens in your windows doors, kitchen and bath cabinet doors, or even as a room divider wall. Last but not the least, you can buy silk bedcovers or cushion covers, in jewel tones, to create that perfect Moroccan look.

To learn more about Moroccan decorating ideas, please contact:

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Beroligende aromaterapi på din favorit Marrakech Riad

Det er rigtigt, at de virkelige eventyrere aldrig miste entusiasme retning går steder, kan vi ikke benægte det faktum, at rejse er en anstrengende aktivitet, der kan frarøve os ud af energi. En eksotisk destination som byen Marrakech i Marokko kræver alle rejsende at være motiveret ikke kun med blotte passion for rejser, men også med et godt plejet krop og sind. En simpel hvile og sove i en Marrakech Riad er ikke nok til at trøste en rejsende krop drænet ud af energi og kraft. Så hvordan du fuldt genoprette magten for dit sind og krop mens inde en Marrakech Riad? Svaret er kun en snuse væk.

Aromaterapi, er ifølge encyklopædi Britannica, en "terapi ved hjælp af æteriske olier udvundet af plantematerialer fremme fysiske, følelsesmæssige og åndelige sundhed og balance". De ekstraherede olier, som hovedsageligt kom fra duftende blomster, er i stand til at bringe en beroligende og afslappende følelse, der kan lindre din krop, sind og sjæl fra stress og træthed, at enhver rejseaktivitet kan bringe. Vil du vide at nogle Marrakech Riad hammams er hjemsted for tre sjældne typer af æteriske olier, der har mange gavnlige egenskaber? Hvis ikke, så Læs videre så du vil vide hvilke æteriske olie din krop har brug for i øjeblikket:

1. Atlas cedertræolie æterisk olie

Den plante, der giver denne æteriske olie kan kun findes i Marokko, især nær området Atlas bjergene, hvilket forklarer navnet. Atlas Cedarwood olie er klar, så det blander godt med rose og cypress olier. Det har en rig, træagtig og varig aroma, der gør det en favorit ingrediens i høj kvalitet parfume. Det er bevist, for at forbedre cirkulationen af blod og kan hjælpe med at forhindre urin-sygdomme. Mennesker med fedtet hud kan drage fordel af denne æteriske olie, fordi når først anbragt, den regulerer produktionen af sebum eller den olieagtig substans af vores hud. Mange tilfredse, Atlas cedertræ æteriske olie forbrugerne i Marrakech Riad hammams hævder, at olien reducerer angst og beroliger sindet.

2. afstand Essential Oil

Spanien og Marokko er topproducenter af dette væsentlige olie udvundet af en plante, der tilhører familien af stedsegrønne træer. Det er også omtales som Sweet Bay og Laurel. Denne urt, som plejede at være et symbol på mod og visdom i den romerske periode, underkastes dampdestillation til udvinding af olie. Bay olie lindrer muskelsmerter, gigt og andre generelle krop ømhed. Mennesker med tyndere hår bør drage fordel af den særlige egenskab for Bay olier, der fremmer hårvækst. Hvis du er i en Marrakech Riad hammam, bede om massører til at give dig en massage med denne æteriske olie, der kommer med den søde duft af Ylang-Ylang eller enebær ekstrakter. En behagelig massage ved hjælp af den Bay olie vil helt sikkert forberede dig til mere spændende Marrakech rejseeventyr.

3. Argan æterisk olie

Sydvestlige Marokko er det eneste sted hvor du kan finde Argan, det træ, der producerer den frugt, der giver ud den dyrebare arganolie. Hvis du er en hudpleje bevidste rejsende, anbefales det, at du beder massører i din Marrakech Riad hammam gælde Argan æteriske olie på din hud på grund af dens regenerativ ejendom; hvilket betyder at det har evnen til at genaktivere celler, der kan gøre din hud ser yngre og raske. Slette disse uønskede rynker ved at anvende en lille mængde af denne E-vitamin-rige æteriske olie på dit ansigt. Den forfriskende duft af arganolie er også en dokumenteret stress-anfaldsmedicin.

Du ser, en Riad i Marrakech ikke er kun en enkel marokkanske overnatning. Det kan også være et sted, hvor du kan få en afslappende aromaterapi-oplevelse.

Trip to Morocco

The unique, timeless, and unchanged Morocco creates a great impression on the mind. Morocco is a North African country with many travel destinations. The best time for Traveling to Morocco is during the winter months. The real beauty is the Atlas Mountains. Morocco has the flavor of romance, ancient culture, and history. Some of the cities of Morocco are Marrakesh, Essaouira, Casablanca, Tangier, and Fes. Bazaars, medinas, riads, bubbly pipes and yes, excellent beaches make Traveling to Morocco a wonderful African adventure.

Sightseeing in Morocco includes famous beaches, best seaside towns, represented by Essaouira, Tangier and Asilah, also the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert and the Dades Valley.

Moroccan Culture hosts many people including Berbers, the people of North Africa and Nile valley. The Moroccan culture is traditional with the men earning and women taking care of the cooking at home. There are lot of restrictions as far as women are concerned. You will find friendly and colorful environment in Morocco. Moroccan culture is famous for its hospitality.

A stay at Morocco is a fascinating experience. Marrakesh, being the culture center of Morocco, is a noisy and highly populated city. If you are thinking of a stay here, Riad is the best option. Marrakesh riads, the traditional Moroccan house, generally has a central courtyard along with a fountain, restaurant or a pool. Some Marrakesh riads also have terraced cafeterias, where you can eat breakfast while enjoying the beauty of the city. You can have flavor of traditional meals at Marrakesh riads. All the Marrakesh riads, are not expensive. There are many riads in Marrakesh, playing an important role in Moroccan culture. Few popular riads in Marrakesh are, Riad Magellan, Riad Dar Dialkoum, Riad Assala, Riad La Terrasse Desoliviers and many more.

Essaouria, the Moroccan city is enriched with a mixture of French influences along with Moroccan traditions and culture. Essaouira is known for its wood sculpting, paintings, fabrics and music. The city has tall white houses with blue doors, and workshops. Awesome beaches, seafood, and Gnaoua Music Festival are the specialty of the Essaouria. If you want to have the most fascinating experience here, you must visit Essaouria riads. A stay at Essaouria riads, is ideal for families. Essaouria riads, give a homely feeling. Rooms are fully facilitated, with extra beds, fully equipped bathrooms, multi cuisine restaurants and many more. Some of the famous riads here are Ryad Watier, and Riad Asmitou.

There are few travel tips at Morocco that you should remember. Non Muslims are prohibited from visiting mosques. If you visit the city during the month of Ramadan, you will have a different experience. Usually men and women both prefer to cover their body. You are free to dress as you please, but don't insult Moroccans about their clothes. Local currency is Dirham. Moroccan transport is not very expensive. You will enjoy your stay over there.

What To Look Out For When You Re Buying Travel Books

Surely everyone loves a good travel book but sometimes they can be disappointing, more often, say, than a recipe or handcraft book. There are ways to avoid missing the bus.

Before forking out dollars for a travel book, ask yourself the following: am I in love with the idea of this book or the book itself? Take for example a book entitled “Gorgeous Morocco”. Are you in love with the idea of glorious Morocco or the book you are holding in your hand? To establish this you need to ask: what is the purpose of buying this book?

If you are planning a trip to Morocco and it’s nuts-and-bolts information you are seeking, then it is no good buying the incoherent ramblings of a traveling school teacher in the 1950's. It’s also no good being attracted by the photographs, because photos do lie and hardly constitute hard information. If you are simply keen on reading and learning about Morocco in general, then a book written from any angle will do, unless it is something completely off-beam, like a book written in the 1920's by a missionary, called “How I Converted Four Heathens In Morocco”.

If it’s useful travel information you are after, ask yourself: is this book up to date and properly researched? If you are holding a book called “Mainland Greece”, for instance, do a quick test. Think of a town in mainland Greece you know, such as Thrace, and see how quickly it takes to locate the section on Thrace and how useful the information is concerning accommodation, transport, restaurants, attractions, etc.

Easy-to-navigate handbooks with great indexes are just the ticket. They should be compact, so you can fit them in your hand luggage and cheap enough that if you lose them you don’t mind. The rule of thumb is that a few illustrative photographs are good – they show serious intent on the part of author and publisher to inform you – but too many photographs diminish the quality and quantity of the usable information. There should be concise historical nuggets and handy insider travel tips. There should also be complementary online resources listed for up-to-the-minute information.

If it’s not practical information you are after, but you want to feed your travel dreams and inform yourselves about countries through the ages then ask: who wrote this book? There has been a “colonization” of countries through travel writing. I mean that certain writers in English writing have become inextricably linked with writings about certain countries. They are quite simply the last word on the subject.

Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller colonized Greece. Lawrence of Arabia colonized Arabia, Robert Lacey colonized Saudi Arabia. William Dalrymple colonized Byzantium and Delhi. The Durrells colonized Corfu. Bill Bryson colonized Australia and rural America. Lisa St. Aubin de Ter

Packing For a Trip to Morocco With Weather and Culture in Mind

When you visit Morocco, your travels will include nights out in the city, trekking through the mountains, camel tours in the desert and cultural excursions. As you pack for your Morocco holiday, you will need to consider what activities you'd like to do, how your clothing will be perceived from a cultural standpoint and what season you will be traveling.


If you travel during the summer months, expect warmer temperatures and trekking paths cleared of snow, but higher elevations will be cool year round. In many countries, it is commonplace to pack shorts and a tank top, but don't do that for a trip to Morocco. Instead, pack lightweight pants and shirts (linen works well) but avoid wearing any revealing clothing. Many Moroccans are Muslim, and exposing too much flesh via short shorts, short skirts, and tank tops is not appreciated, especially during daylight hours.

Women would be wise to dress in at least knee-length pants or skirts until evening. In the evening, the nightlife of Morocco may warrant a looser dress code, though this will depend on where you are going and how cosmopolitan a city is. Also, take care to leave local clothing to the locals. While some Moroccans wear djellabas or hip-length tunics, those who live in the city tend to wear Western-style clothing.


Autumn in Morocco is still fairly warm, though temperatures in the mountains begin to drop to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, a pair of lightweight pants and shirt may be comfortable, but at night you will probably want a jacket when temperatures reach below 50 degrees. The density of the jacket will depend largely on where you plan to travel in the country.

In the desert, nightly temperatures can be much cooler than in the city. If you decide to trek in the mountains, a heavier coat is a good idea. When choosing your clothing you may want to avoid white. The rainy season has yet to begin, so dust in the desert and cities can kick up with wind. White can be cooler; however, you will notice it gets dirty rather quickly.


Winter travel will be confined mostly to cultural and city tours, since most of the trekking excursions are not possible due to snow. In winter months, heavier pants and shirts, or even layered clothing, will be most comfortable. Packing layers will allow you to remove or add clothing as needed. Days in the desert will be warm, but plan accordingly for cool evenings and nights in the winter. It is also important to note that the country's rainy season begins in November. During the rainy season it is best to have full rain gear.


Spring is one of the wettest seasons in Morocco. The country's rains continue through the end of March, so pack a rain jacket and shoes that are comfortable when wet. An umbrella may be handy in the city, but they are burdensome in the mountains. You should also expect cooler temperatures in the spring. Depending on where you visit, expect day temperatures between 55 and 79 degrees, and at night temperatures fall between 38 and 57 degrees.

Billige afrikanske ferier

Ordene billige Afrika ferier ikke rigtig mening, så hvorfor du søger under disse tre ord?

Hvis du tænker over det logisk, er ordet 'billige' kommet til at betyde dårlig kvalitet, når virkelig hvad du ønsker, er kvalitet, der er billigt!!

Spørgsmålet nu er, kender du noget, der er billig, men god kvalitet, så tror ikke du kan få billige Afrika ferier, der er også høj kvalitet!!

Det næste punkt er Afrika-du skal være mere konkret – efter alle Afrika er et meget stort kontinent med store forskelle i natur, klima, og kulturer, så hvor i Afrika do du rally ønsker at tage en billig ferie?

Overvej dette – Afrika tager i Marokko, Tunesien, Egypten, alle forskellige i sig selv, men meget forskellige til Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia og Kenya, som er forskellige i Sydafrika.

Vi skal tilføje til denne liste, de offshore øer af Zanzibar, og måske den Seychellerne og Mauritius, selv om det ville være let at argumentere, de hører til det Indiske Ocean, og ville ikke betegnes som et sted at gå til en billig ferie i Afrika.

Endelig fra de tre ord billige Afrika ferier, skal vi tage ordet 'Ferie'.

Hvad betyder en ferie for dig, fordi succes eller fiasko af dine hårdt tjente pause afhænger helt af dine familieenheden alle at være tilfreds med den samme slags ferie.

Du tror måske, en safari ville være fantastisk, men hvordan synes du om telte, kryb? Vil du bruge tid på at kigge på gamle skatte og grave?

Er du dybest set en knogle tomgang beach bum, på din lykkeligste med en god bog og en kølig, forfriskende glas? Hvad med den støj, og lugten og eventyr af souk med masser af besvær og spænding? Er raffinement nødvendigt for nydelse?

Være ikke i tvivl om det europæiske kontinent Afrika tilbyder et stort udvalg af muligheder for ferie.

Fra Egypten på den nordøstlige kyst til vildtbestandene i Kenya, Tanzania og Sydafrika er der noget for alle. De mest populære turistområder er dem, der grænser op til Middelhavet på den nordøstlige kyst, som Tunesien og Marokko, så øer i Seychellerne.

Et område af stigende popularitet i Sydafrika er en vin tour. I den modsatte ende af kontinentet flere tusinde miles væk, Egypten er hjemsted for utallige oldsager. Et besøg i Afrika bør gøres med stor omhu, da det er for stort til at tage fat i én rejse. Du skal fokusere på en region og give tid nok til at tilstrækkeligt se dette område af kontinentet.

Visit the Intriguing Remains of the City of Volubilis in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is situated in the westernmost part of North Africa and is one of the famous places to visit for a holiday trip in this continent. This country was under the rule of the Umayadd Muslims of Damascus, Berber dynasties of Almoravid and Almohad, and European kingdoms of Rome and Germany in the past. Owing to this, this country has undergone many changes in its culture, which is a beautiful fusion of the Arabic, Berber and European influences. Some of the cities that are a hallmark of the Moroccon history are Meknes, Chefchaouen and Fes el Bali. Another place of historical interest is the city of Volubilis, which is one of the most visited sites of this nation. Check the airfare of various international airlines bound to Morocco, before you make plans to visit this spectacular place during your holidays.

Volubilis - Location and History

Volubilis, located in modern day Morocco, is now a partly excavated site of the then Roman town of 40 AD. This site was once the administrative centre and capital of the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana and was home to more than 20,000 inhabitants. This place is situated to the west of the town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun in the Jebel Zerhoun Plain and lies close to the cities of Meknes and Fez. According to archaeological evidences, this site was inhabited by people of the neolithic era in the 3rd century and was conquered by the Romans in about 40 AD.

Famous Things to See

This place has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and boasts of a number of famous attractions. The best preserved structures of this place are a Roman forum, a 2nd century basilica and the Arch of Caracalla, which dates back to 217 AD. Columns of this forum still stand intact and the basilica can be seen with remains of its impressive walls, which are more than 30 feet tall. The most renowned remains of this site are its mosaic floors, which include Diana Bath, Works of Hercules, Orpheus Mosaics and Nereides.

Volubilis literally means Oualili (oleander flowers) in Berber language as the land of this site supports growth of a large number of oleander plants and olive trees. This place is also known by the name of Oualila and Ksar Pharoun (Pharaoh Palace) in Arabic language.

Excavation and Restoration

The site underwent massive destruction following an earthquake in the 4th century. Excavations of this site were initiated by the French from 1912 to 1956. Further restoration was carried out between 1930 and 1967. In 1997, this place was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Top tre ting du bør overveje på udkig efter et Hotel i Marrakech

Før du tager en tur til den vidunderlige land af Marokko, bør rejsende først kigge efter en Marrakech hotel hvor de kan bo. Denne opgave kan lyde temmelig let men tro mig, at finde et dejligt hotel, der kan imødekomme alle dine behov kan også være frustrerende. Hvis en rejsende ikke kan finde en Marrakech hotel hvor han kan komfortabelt hvile i løbet af sin ferie, er chancerne, han ikke kan nyde sin rejse efter alle.

Marokko er blandt de bedste lande i Afrika, at fortsætte med at tiltrække flere rejsende. Og hvis der er én ting, de ikke tør miss, det er den middelalderlige charme i Marrakech som en af landets kejserlige byer. Men for dig at gøre mest muligt ud af dine rejseeventyr, er det stærkt anbefales at du booke dit hotel så tidligt som muligt, det vil sige, for at garantere et glædeligt Marrakech ferie. Hvis du tilfældigvis er en af de mange turister, der ønsker at besøge Marokko denne år, er her de top tre ting du skal overveje i søger efter et hotel i Marrakech:

Check opholdsudgifter

Rejser kan være expensive– en grund til hvorfor du har brug for at vide, hvor meget din Marrakech hotel overnatning kan koste. Forhåbentlig, dette kan hjælpe dig administrere dine rejser finanser mere og forvente bedst i din afrikanske tour. Hvis du er i et stramt budget, vil du rådes til at opholde sig i mere overkommelige hoteller i Marrakech. Heldigvis er der en række rabat hoteller og kroer i byen, der kan opfylde dine forventninger til den lavest mulige pris. Alt du skal gøre er, at kigge efter billige overnatningssteder til at spare flere penge.

Du kan også søge på nettet for online Marrakech hotel reservation agenturer, der tilbyder billig indkvartering. Eller finde specielle pakker eller programmer, som du har råd til at hjælpe dig skære på nogle af dine rejseomkostninger.

Kende placeringen af din Marrakech Hotel

Hvis du ønsker at booke et hotel i Marrakech, er en anden ting, du bør tænke over placeringen. De fleste business rejsende ophold normalt på hoteller i nærheden af lufthavne, så de nemt kan rejse. På denne måde transport vil ikke være et problem med tilgængelige taxaer og offentlige forsyningsvirksomheder køretøjer, der kan tage dig overalt du ønsker at gå.

Men hvis du er interesseret i at holde sig længere tid i byen, vil det være bedre for dig at booke et hotel i Marrakech i nærheden af de berømte attraktioner i Marokko. Som sådan, er flere virksomheder nu beliggende i nærheden af medina, så rejsende kan nemt gå til souks eller slentre rundt i historiske steder i Marrakech.

Glem ikke om tjenesterne

Da din Marrakech hotel vil være dit hjem på turen, er det vigtigt, at du tjekker ud tjenesterne, at de fleste virksomheder normalt tilbyde deres kunder. Altid holde inde indre at personale på hotellet hvor du vil bo skal give dig effektiv og høj service. Sørg for at dit hotel valg straks kan opfylde dine behov.

Ud over disse, lære om din Marrakech hotel faciliteter. Forhøre sig om faciliteter på hotellet, så du kan altid få et afslappende og behageligt ophold. Fem-stjernede hoteller har normalt swimmingpools, fitness fitnesscentre og in-house restauranter. En rabat hotel i Marrakech, på den anden side har de nødvendige faciliteter og bekvemmeligheder, som du kan bruge.

Agadir - The Pearl of Souss

No one can deny that Morocco is one of the countries that have some of the most amazing natural spaces, magnificent historical monuments, and richest cultural heritage in the world. Among the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Agadir is certainly very high up. In this article I will state some of the reasons behind the celebrity of this beautiful city.

Agadir is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Morocco, and a favourite destination for tourists and visitors from several nationalities. There are many good reasons: first of all, the city is located in South West Morocco, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This important geographical location, near Marrakech and at the gates of the Western Sahara, makes it the capital of the region.

Also, Agadir and its people have shown us that there is nothing impossible in this city, this which witnessed a destructive earthquake on February 29th 1960 but nonetheless did not prevent all Moroccans and Agadir lovers from rebuilding the city relying on a modern European technologies and style. In addition to this, you can enjoy the wonderful weather of the city, which will give you the chance to enjoy its sunshine 360 days a year.

Equally, in Agadir you will have the opportunity to discover many exciting and prominent monuments, such as the Agadir Oufella, a charming and ancient fortress, with winding and animated alleys, from which you will enjoy a fantastic view of the whole city. Around Agadir, you can visit the Imouzzar region, a gorgeous mountainous space, or Aghrod, where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the sea and the forest.

Also, in Agadir you can immerse yourselves in the heart of the rich Amazigh culture, which is quite notable in all domains, including music (Ahwach, Rwaiss, etc.), musical parties (the Timitar Festival), food (tajine Ssoussi, Amlou, Argan Oil, etc.), clothes (Ahayk, L'ktib, etc.), jewellery (Tizerzay, Talguamout...) and many other crafts and art forms. And last but not least, you will find in this beautiful city one of the best beaches along the Atlantic Coast, where you will have an excellent chance enjoy the swimming, surfing, jet-skiing, etc.

So, Agadir invites you to enjoy a romantic, magical, and unforgettable stay in a place where everything is designed to satisfy all you desires (hotels, restaurants, nature, leisure), so that you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday!

Come discover the beauty of Agadir, where you can stay in one of the many fantastic Agadir hotels or, better yet, in one of the typical riads of Agadir, with a view of the sea and the city. You may also want to stay in one of the fantastic riads of Marrakech, the Ochre City, just 150 miles from Agadir.

courses and now works as a freelance writer and translator for the Marrakech based reservation centre 3wkom.

At finde den perfekte Ouarzazate Hotel For første gang rejsende

At vælge den rigtige Ouarzazate hotel kan være frustrerende, især for første gang rejsende som ikke altid har en klar idé om, hvad de ønsker. På din første stop til Marokko, kan du have en hård tid på udkig efter Ouarzazate hotel, hvor du kan tilbringe resten af dine dage. Uden en levende plan, kan du nemt miste dig vej i forsøget på at finde hvad dit hjerte virkelig ønsker. Men, hvad du kan ikke indser overhovedet er at det tager kun fem enkle trin at endelig beslutte, hvad der kunne være din bedste hvilested i Marokko. Her er en tjekliste:

1. gør din forskning.

Forskning vil hjælpe dig med at spare på tid, penge og energi. Ved at kontrollere web directory eller gule sider en liste over Ouarzazate hotel, vil du have en lovende start på udkig efter ting, du virkelig ønsker. Ikke kun, at du også kan tage et kig på fotografier og screenshots af hotellets faciliteter. Imidlertid bør dette ikke være alene på grundlag af dit valg, vel vidende at billeder bruges kun til reklameformål. I stedet anbefales det stærkt at du stadig får henvisninger fra venner eller andre rejsende, der har været til Ouarzazate. På denne måde er du sikker på at få ærlige meninger og forslag fra personer, du kender.

2. tjek dit budget.

Du bør også tjekke dine finanser, når de søger efter et hotel. Der er forskellige fem-stjernet og discount hoteller i Ouarzazate. Hvis du har tilstrækkelige budget for dyre boliger, bog i et luksuriøst hotel, der vil helt sikkert behandle dig som en VIP. Men hvis dine penge er på et stramt budget, du kan nøjes med en række gode billige Ouarzazate hoteller, der stadig tilbyde ordentlige tjenester.

Du kan også spørge direkte på hotellet for et særligt program for sæsonen. Læring om rabat pakker af hotellet, kan du maksimere værdien af dine penge. Hvorfor ikke spørge rundt, hvis der er Ouarzazate hoteller, der giver særlige priser for førstegangs rejsende som dig?

3. Spørg om services og faciliteter.

Når du forhøre sig om en Ouarzazate hotel, Husk at spørge om tjenesterne, det tilbyder. Kontakt forbehold manager eller skrivebord ekspedient for de faciliteter og bekvemmeligheder, som de har for deres gæster. I betragtning af, at det vil være din første gang at besøge Ouarzazate, Sørg for at du vil nyde din ferie ved at have top-sats service og faciliteter muligt i dit valgte hotel.

4. Læs hotelanmeldelser.

Som en af de mest populære byer i Marokko besøger flere rejsende Ouarzazate hvert år. Derfor kan du forvente et godt udvalg af turisthoteller, der vrimler i stedet. Det betyder også, at du ikke vil have svært ved at finde en række hotelanmeldelser i blade og rejser kataloger. I sådanne tilfælde, skal du bruge disse artikler til at vælge den bedste Ouarzazate hotel til dine særlige behov.

5. foretag en reservation.

Når du har valgt din Ouarzazate hotel, er den næste ting, at du skal gøre at reservere. Erfarne rejsende vil anbefale, at du bestiller i forvejen, især hvis du planlægger at gå til Ouarzazate på en ferie. Dette forhindrer dig i at konkurrere med de andre gæster og betale for højere priser. Hvad mere er, kan du også få den bedste værelse placering hvis du bestiller tidligere.

Moroccan Food is Some of the Best You'll Ever Have

Moroccan Cuisine is something everyone should experience and savor. Moroccans certainly know how to eat, they have large portions of extremely healthy foods. Boy, I love Moroccans, they are a people after my heart. They believe in abundance and they never cut a meal short. You'll find Moroccan foods wonderful and the number of variations truly astounding. The spices, flavor and company is so very excellent indeed.

I'd love to introduce you to Moroccan foods because I know you'll love it like I do. I know if you get hooked you will help your health and live longer. I know it will open your mind to a whole new way of life, great food and wonderful people. A culture you need to understand and experience. It is for this reason that I am going to recommend a very excellent book to you.

You can either go out to an authentic Moroccan restaurant or you might try cooking some of your own at home. I like to do a little of both, oh yes, that book I was going to recommend to you. It's the greatest Moroccan cookbook that I have ever read:

"Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco" by Paula Wolfert; Perennial Library, Harper and Row, New York, NY; 1973

The Introduction is done by Gael Greene and the first chapter is a brief history of the Morocco and the Moroccan people. It tells of the culture and the food. There are so many easy to prepare recipes in this book and each one that I have prepared has come out magnificent. Please buy this great cookbook.

Interessante steder i Marokko

En behagelig kulturchok venter dig, når du ankommer i Marokko. Det er så kulturelt rige, som det er geografisk forskellige og kan ikke undgå at imponere. Besøg nogle af dets byer og landsbyer og oplever generøsitet af sin befolkning vil efterlade dig hooked, da jeg var af arabisk oplevelse.


Fez er livlige kulturelle og åndelige centrum i Marokko.

Hovedattraktionen er den middelalderlige Medina i den farverige gamle by, som har været konstant beboet siden det 10 århundrede. Det er optaget med traditionelt klædt marokkanere, og rige med støjen fra køb og salg, tilslørede kvinder om deres arbejde og klokken ringer vand sælgere.

En guidet tur er den nemmeste måde at tackle den summende hive, der er traditionelle Fez, men hvis du er modig, du kan forhandle de små gyder, alt for smalle til biler mens risikere at få tabt og derefter studehandler med en lokal ledes tilbage ud!

Garverier: Et besøg i souks vil føre til et besøg i Fezs berømte garverier, hvor en af de ældste kunst i verden er praktiseres for at producere blød læder karakteristisk for Marokko.

Du skal bruge en stærk mave for lugter afgives under hærdning, mens du ser ned på den fascinerende garvere gården og dens imponerende kar af forskellige farvede farvestoffer og bunker af skind. Åben 9-6, afgiftsfritagelse.

Synspunkt: Det bedste udsigtspunkt over den gamle muromkransede by er fra den ødelagte Merenid grave på en bakketop øst for byen. Herfra kan du se skyline med sin overflod af parabolantenner og en generel masse paladser, grøn-overdækket hellige steder, garverier, samt de tilstødende Karaouine moske.

Moulay Idriss ll: I dybet af den gamle by sidder i helligdommen, der huser resterne af grundlæggeren af byen Fez, Moulay Idriss II. Det er en af de helligste bygninger i byen. Ikke-muslimer kan ikke komme ind, men du kan skimte inde for at se saint's tomb, som er modtager konstant hengiven besøg fra grupper af kvinder, der brænder stearinlys og røgelse.


Gå gennem stræder og souks af Marrakech, især i Medina af den gamle by, er det nemt at tro, du er blevet transporteret tilbage i tiden til "Arabian Nights".

Det er denne fortryllende stemning, der bringer tusinder af turister til de mest besøgte af marokkanske byer.

Medina er kendetegnet ved meget støj, stress og jag med håndværkere og håndværkere gå om deres daglige opgaver af klud døende, kobber, slå eller læder arbejde, samt herbalists, parfumefabrikanter og slipper beslutningstagere.

Snedækkede toppe over Atlas-bjergene danner en smuk kulisse for byen, selv om de ofte skjules af varme haze.

Djemaa el-Fna: I hjertet af Medina. Det er en uregelmæssig 'square' og et samlingspunkt for handling hvor turister flokkes til at opsuge den travle atmosfære. Turisme, dog forkælet ikke, men snarere føjet til det samlede billede.

Marrakech har et moderne side med sin luksushoteller, banker og gader sprænger med scootere, mens det blander ubesværet med fortid i den gamle by.

Marrakech blev grundlagt i 1062 af Youssef bin Tachfine Almoravide-dynastiet, og hans søn perfektioneret byen ved at bringe arkitekter og andalusiske håndværkere fra C

Morocco Vacations With Kids

You're going where with your children? Isn't that dangerous and what will they do there?

This is probably an answer you get from your friends and families after letting them know that you are going on holidays to Morocco with your children.

A Morocco vacation guarantees unique, exotic and spicy experience that the little ones will never forget. It is the land of flying carpets, Ali Baba and his thieves, Aladdin's lamp and many other mystic stories. Holiday in Morocco is a perfect vacation for your family. Upon arrival to Morocco all these fantasies and stories will become true to you and your children.

The old, Imperial Cities of Morocco have full glass of activities and are great introduction to a different culture and history. The souks, the snake charmers, the henna ladies will amaze your entire family. The beautiful gardens, old palaces, the donkey passing alleyways, the riot of colors will make your trip memorable and fun. If you get tired of sightseeing and want to cool off visit the Oasiria Water Park by Marrakech where you can swim in children's lagoons, ride on the pirate ship, or splash around in the wave pool.

Another great way to cool off is to travel on a day tour from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains. There are many small hikes where even your little ones will enjoy. Hire donkeys to take you for a little ride passing the pastures of local Berbers and their mud homes that cling onto the mountains. Or explore one of the lakes such as the Lalla Takerkoust where children can run wild and explore.

And what about the romance of the Sahara Desert? Isn't there a magic to visit the land where caravans once pass on their way to trade salt, gold, ivory and slaves. On your Morocco tour travel through the Sahara Desert atop your camel just as the old caravans did. You have the opportunity to spend the night in the tent in the camp of the desert that is a true adventure not only to your children but to the adults as well.

Trips to Morocco are what childhood should be about. Morocco tour will introduce your children to another culture. It will broaden their horizons that are thousand times better then than just shaking hands with Goofy at Disneyland.

Morocco Vacations

Marokko er et sted, hvor sand omfavner havet og sne. Den karismatiske skønhed af sted er sådan, det lokker besøgende fra hele verden. Den sydlige kyst Marokko konvergerer i Vestsahara, der henviser til, at dens nordlige sider er kappebærende af bedazzling sneklædte Atlas bjerge. Atlasbjergene ikke blot tilføje til det naturskønne pragt af sted, men også beskytte det mod sin fjendtlige nabo, Algeriet. Området mellem bjergene og Marokkos atlanterhavskyst er dækket med frugtbare sletter. Smukke gorges venturing i de sand og stenede affald af Sahara-ørkenen kan være vidne til på kanten af Anti-Atlas.

Marokko byer er steder værd at besøge. Måske er den ældste by på dette sted Fes. Fes er også kendt som hjertet af Marokko. Medina af Fes el-Bali eller gamle Fes er en af de største levende middelalderlige byer i verden i dag. Den storslåede gates og vægge her tilføje til storhed af sted. Den marokkanske by Marrakech er kendt for sin rige kultur og arv. Marrakesh er den tidligere hovedstad i Marokko. Byen er i dag berømt for sin livlige markeder og festivaler. For at holde sine besøgende især børn travlt præsenterer byen et væld af aktiviteter af tryllekunstnere, slangetæmmere, akrobater osv. Forår og efterår sæsoner er ideel til at udforske denne vidunderlige by. Byen Rabat viser en perfekt sammenløbet af historiske begivenheder og moderne udvikling. Atmosfære i denne by er islamiske og europæiske karakter.

Andre trækker af Marokko omfatter Ait Benhaddou, det mest eksotiske og bedst bevarede kasbahs i området hele Atlas. Det er en blandt de eftertragtede sted for film skyderier. Den smukke centrale Medina er en kæmpe plads i medina, som er baggrund for en af verdens største briller. Fra open-air madboder fortællere, slangetæmmere og musikere her vil du finde hver kilde af underholdning. Det være sig enhver tid af året Hasan II moskeen, verdens tredje største religiøse monument er sjældent forlod unvisited. Ydersiden af moskeen bærer en fransk design, mens dets interiør er dedikeret til den marokkansk stil. Hvis du vil se den største og den velholdte romerske ruiner i Marokko er Volubilis det sted du skal ramme. Volubilis oprindelse kan spores tilbage til 2nd og 3rd århundreder annonce selvom udgravninger viser at Karthago handlende opdagede webstedet.

I maj måned vrimler med muslimer på grund af Mousseum af sid Mohammed Ma al-Ainin festival. Dette er en lejlighed til at se 'blå mennesker' i.e Tuareg nomader i Sahara. Også er populært kendt den nationale folklore Festival i Marrakech. Det er en ti-dages arrangement, der er overværet af dansere, musiker og andre entertainere fra alle hjørner af byen. November er måneden af fejringen af Independence Day i Marokko.

Cultural Etiquette in Morocco

Anytime you visit a foreign country it is best to understand the rules of etiquette. In some countries a gesture can be a friendly greeting, while in others it is a rude offense. Traveling to Morocco, a country located in North Africa, is no different. To best enjoy your Moroccan holiday, there are certain things you should know about cultural etiquette as it relates to language, dress code, greetings and dining.


Moroccans primarily speak Arabic, specifically a Moroccan Arabic dialect. If you elect to go trekking in the mountains or in the Sahara Desert, you should expect Arabic to be the main language you hear. French is another common language of the country; however, it is spoken mostly in the northern region in places like the Rif Mountains, Algiers and Casablanca. Berber-Arabic can be found in the mountain and desert regions as well. English, Spanish and French are spoken and understood in cities such as Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca. It would be polite for you to learn some conversational French before your trip.


Morocco is mainly a Muslim country so your dress should reflect the cultural norm. Dressing in Muslim tunics is not appropriate for a foreigner; however, you should not wear skimpy shirts, shorts or skirts. Instead, you should wear modest clothing such as skirts that reach below the knees, light cotton pants and shirts that cover your shoulders. Beachwear is appropriate at tourist resorts along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, but not at local restaurants in these same areas.


Hospitality is key to the Moroccan culture. After introductions have been made, it is customary to ask about family or friends during a conversation. You can greet people with handshakes as long as they are the same gender. A "Western" handshake tends to be firm and enthusiastic, whereas in Morocco a gentler handshake is required. Women must offer their hand first if they wish to shake hands with a man. A Muslim woman, especially those in full veil tend to refrain from physical contact. In this situation a slight bow or head tilt of acknowledgment would be acceptable.

Public affection such as kissing and hugging is not tolerated in Morocco. To a certain degree hand holding is considered a platonic gesture and is not as taboo as other affectionate displays. Cultural etiquette also states that a woman, when young and unmarried, should travel with a group or be accompanied by a man, rather than going alone to a public place.

Dining Etiquette:

It is customary to be invited to a family home for a meal while in Morocco. If that is the case, you should not refuse any offer of food and graciously accept any present given to you when you are invited in. It is customary to bring a gift, such as flowers, sweets or pastries. In certain households, the men and women dine separately and require a more conservative dress code.

Marokko den mest fascinerende land

Ved en korsvej mellem to kontinenter og to kulturer afslører Marokko sig selv til kunstnere som en kunstnerisk eller personlige oplevelse, der er befordrende for introspektion. Under en af sine rejser skrev Jacques Majorelle, "Der er scener af sådan realisme at man glemmer sin tid og lad os selv gå på living i middelalderen".

Marokko fortjener bedre end en simpel tur til at opdage dets variation og pragt. Følgende er must ser for dem der har lidt tid til rådighed, eller som ønsker at besøge de vigtigste seværdigheder.

Bjergkæder og gennemkørsler af Marokko er særligt attraktive for deres kontrast i karakter og mangfoldighed. Mangfoldighed af jorden gør det muligt at vedtage en fremgangsmåde, afhængigt af sæsonen, der svarer til alles kapacitet. Toubkal (4165m) er det højeste topmødet i nordlige Afrika og dets opstigning er fortsat langt de mest værdsatte. De okker eller blålig massiver af anti-Atlas tilbyder de mest usædvanlige landskaber og har for nylig opdaget af vestlige vandrere. Muligheder for treks omfatter: Mule-back, mountainbike eller kamel ekspeditioner med overnatninger i en bjerghytte eller bivuak afhængig af ruten og sæson.

Nordøst passatvinde, at blæse på den atlantiske kyst tilbyder meget værdsat steder for surfere. Essaouira er den mest kendte, men der er også Mehdia, Taghazout, Minleft og Sidi Bouzid. Langs kysten, vil du sætte pris på den langsomme, venlige tempo kystnære liv kombineret med spænding af vandsport. Windsurfere vil nyde Essaouira og Dar Bouzza stranden syd for Casablanca. Og for nylig, Kite Surfing har vundet popularitet i disse søvnig, men charmerende byer. Skiløb Atlas af Oukaimden (75km fra Marrakech). For passionerede skiløbere, kunne hvad være mere spændende end skiløb i Afrika! Oukaimden Vinter ski resort ligger i en højde af 2.600 m og er åben fra januar til April. Det tilbyder skipister for alle niveauer i et areal på 300 hektar. Michliffen ski resort i nærheden af Ifrane er af mere beskedent omfang, men stadig tilbyder en stor oplevelse i Atlas-bjergene. Uden for sæsonen sne tilbyder Oukaimden hånd glider, rock klatring eller trekking.

Marokko er kendt for sine smukke golfbaner hvor almindelige internationale turneringer er organiseret. For amatører er det en lejlighed til at kombinere sport og discovery hele året rundt. Med på baggrund af Atlasbjergene og omgivet af palmer, roen i landskabet tjener til at berolige nerverne efter at lejlighedsvis miss hit!

En tur i labyrint af souks (butikker og handlende boder) kan undertiden vise sig for at være en udfordring, men at fare vild i dem er en fornøjelse. Prøv at bytte hvis du ønsker at gøre nogle shopping. Det er en godt forankret tradition i de arabiske lande men kan forvandles til et mareridt, hvis du er uvidende om de sædvanlige priser. Et indledende besøg på en kooperativ eller gode råd af en lokal vil vise sig nyttigt at undgå at blive taget for en nar.

Musik er folklore, men også tradition og har gennemgået forskellige påvirkninger (andalusiske, afrikanske eller rural). Musik er allestedsnærværende ved fester og ceremonier men også i gaden. Lad dig selv få fortrylles af poesi eller spjætter til rytmen af musik, der kan nydes på festivaler (Se dagsorden), parterne og i offentlige pladser.

Rigdommen af det marokkanske køkken, ry for at være en af bedste i verden, er en ren og skær glæde af sanserne. Flere ingredienser af tagines og sødme af kagerne er hæfteklammer af den marokkanske retter, som aldrig mangler kreativitet.

Man kan nyde små restauranter og berømte tabeller med en bred vifte af priser. Steder, der tiltrækker også mange turister der skal undgås, for de kan efterlade dig med en fadt souvenir af marokkanske retter.

Marokko er et land af bjerge. Det er højt niveau grunde dækker mere end 100.000 km

Exotic Morocco - Home Sweet Home

Morocco has lots to offer regarding decor because of the geographical position. Famous locations like Casablanca, Marrakesh shows the world the intricacies of Moroccan art and architecture. The word Morocco is synonymous with rich hues; mystery that invokes varied imagination in us. Morocco that is surrounded by long coastal areas and arid desert and seared by the harsh sun the Moroccan vibrant colors come alive. The different landscapes offer varied and vibrant colors of the nature like bright orange of the sun, aqua blue of the sea, silver color of the moon, gold color of the sun kissed sand, ochre color of the mountain ranges.

The deep dark blue can offer a dramatic backdrop for the entire room. Since Morocco has lots of oriental things to offer the rooms get adorned with artifacts terra cotta tiles, glass jewel works, vibrant fabric colors. You can find excess of Morocco in the entire design of the house. Everything is inspired by nature. The fabrics and patterns utilized in the Morocco decor are art forms that are passed on from ages. The first room, which has dramatic effect of different decoration, the second room can lessen the effect having subtle texture that is toned down. Dark wooden plank, fabrics that fall from the ceiling, gold and green combined colors can form rich upholstery. The famous mosaic artwork can adorn the walls. Plants can be highlighted with intricate woven baskets and exotic flowers can be displayed with rounded smooth sun bleached stones.

Few articles of Moroccan traditional artifacts can be added to enhance the rich culture of this exotic place. Vibrant mosaic tables can brighten the room. The famous lights and lamps that are hand carved and made from camel bones can adorn the walls of the room for dramatic effect. Brocades made from metallic ribbons can highlight the wall or furnishings or the floors. Silk covered huge pillows that have Indian influence can make a room look rich and colorful. You can give a dramatic look to the house by including the local flavor by adding few stone pillars, some tower that have the design o a mosque, some arch shaped entry and intricate wrought iron gates.

Morocco decor or ambiance is not complete without the famous exotic scents and which you can keep in the kitchen. Morocco influence is felt in some parts of Europe like Italy, Spain. These influences can be adapted to the Morocco decor like the iron grill or the tiles. Due to its strategic geographical position there are varied influences on Morocco decor that there are no fixed rules that have to be incorporated. There is nothing to assert to define Morocco decor, as it is an amalgamation of ideas. With the available information and data you can evolve your own ideas.

Rejser til Marokko Mavens Maghreb-lande

Marokko er essensen af nordafrikanske charme og delstaten sammenblanding horisonter. Glitrende Sahara ørkener i syd og øst blive hurtigt sneklædte bjerge i Atlas-bjergkæden, efterfulgt af den rullende grønne heartland, som falder til de funklende Atlanterhavet og Middelhavet kyster. Rejser til Marokko og Pak dig selv i varmen af den varige Berber, arabiske og afrikanske folk og 10.000 år af deres mest fascinerende historie; en historie, der kunne kun ske, hvor områder i Afrika og Europa mødes intimt og uundgåeligt ved Gibraltar-strædet.

Charmed som en slange

Et karakteristisk lag af Marokko er dens store kejserlige islamiske byer. Den centrale medina (gamle bydel) i hver by er typisk stadig omgivet af mure, og huser den ældste del af disse skattede byer, herunder en minaret-tippes moske. Udendørs markeder, slange charmers, musik kunstnere og caf

Morocco Vacations - What Women Should Know

Women who are having Morocco vacations are usually treated with courtesy. The treatment however, has been regarded throughout generations as a fair game for many Moroccan men. Women who are bound to travel to Morocco are required to dress decently to disfigure the perceptive view of western-influenced from Moroccan men.

There are a variety of useful tips on how to make Morocco vacations for women peaceful, enjoyable, and trouble-free. Women must take note of the dress they will wear when visiting the different tourist spots in the country. They are required to wear tops which cover the upper part of their arms and skirts with longer length as much as possible. Wearing a light headscarf most especially in crowded places shows respect towards Moroccan culture. The women living in the country never make eye contact with strangers especially men. Female tourists are also required not to make contact with a Moroccan man most especially if they don't have any connection with the person in general. This will help them avoid unwanted situations in the country such as sexual harassment or seduction.

Women who are on Morocco vacations are also required to be confident in treating the residents. They can do this effectively by ignoring or refusing invitations from strangers in a polite manner. If ever that a woman having a vacation in the country encountered serious harassment from a Moroccan resident, she is free to seek help from authorities. According to Morrocan traditions, a tourist who yells "Shouma" or "Shame" signifies that the person experienced harassment from a Moroccan.

Marokko ferier og rejseinformation

Før du begiver dig på din marokkanske ferie er det vigtigt at gøre er sikker på alle dine overnatning krav taget sig ud. En af fordelene ved ferie i Marokko er det faktum, at uanset dit budget, kan du finde en rimelig resten hus for varigheden af du bo. Selv de mest basale rum kan findes til en rimelig pris med passende faciliteter og en ren behagelig atmosfære.

Destination valg mens de opholder sig i Marokko, vil de penge du vil betale for overnatning variere. Capital Rabat tilbyder rimelige tilpasninger til næsten ethvert budget, men med den mere luksuriøse findes i byens centrum. Mercure Hotel i Rabat ligger i hjertet af byen og ligger kun fem minutter fra de vigtigste historiske monumenter.

Et andet rimeligt prissat hotel findes i Rabat er Sheherazade Hotel. Dette hotel ligger i et roligt boligområde og er en sten gennem fra tour hassan og Mohammed V Mausoleum. Tilbyder en nådig og behageligt ophold, er Sheherazade Hotel perfekt for alle rejsende. Beliggende kun 15 minutter fra den internationale lufthavn i Rabat-salg, er dette hotel ideelt for alle dine behov.

Eller for en mere luksuriøs ophold så de La Tour Hassan Meridian 5-stjernede hotel tilbyder en perfekt beliggende hotel med alle faciliteter på den højeste standard.

Hoteller findes i Marrakesh spænder fra den latterligt dyre til den overkommelige komfortable abode. For dem der søger specielle behandling mens du bor i Marrakech, derefter kaldes en mellemlanding på La Maison Arabe for. Kendt som det kulinariske sted at være, tilbyder La Maison Arabe hotel ikke kun en sympatisk sted at hvile dit hoved, men en gastronomisk fest. Selv vores helt egen Winston Churchill gjorde et punkt for at spise her!

Ksar Char Bagh Palace er elegant og smuk. Beliggende i hjertet af sneen toppede tinder i Atlasbjergene og indlejret mellem fantastisk palmelunde, er Ksar Char Bagh Palace en skat til Marrakesh.

Taroudant er en populær dag tur placering for den marokkanske rejsende. Denne placering har en vis charme og ynde findes ikke der hvor ellers i Marokko og er beliggende i olivenlunde af appelsiner og granatæbler. De høje mure, der omgiver denne majestætiske jord er tonet med pink og orange og er en syne ses, For dem, der ønsker at udvide der bo så La Gazelle D'or hotel tilbyder en usædvanlig fem-stjernet service. Dette hotel ikke kun giver al den luksus, du kunne ønske, men ligger også i et 250 hektar store park, der tager din ånde væk.

Hoteller i hvert område er et eksempel på kvalitet og klasse findes. Naturligvis afhængigt af dit eget budget, disse hoteller kan være velegnet til dine behov eller kan du overveje prunkløst eller mere rimeligt prissat overnatningsmuligheder. Selv om selv de mere grundlæggende virksomheder kan give passende indkvartering til en god pris. Dette er en af attraktionerne til Marokko, der er noget for enhver smag.

Morocco Treks - Planning Before the Big Adventure

The High Atlas Mountains are the most popular destination for trekkers. This region is largely unexplored by anyone other than the Berber tribes, due to its remote nature as well as Morocco being un-traveled. The treks one can take vary from short walks through cedar forests to difficult treks up steep and rocky slopes.

Areas of the High Atlas Mountains cannot be reached during winter because of the treacherous mountain paths. Other areas turn into winter wonderlands with small ski resorts and plenty of downhill skiing fun. A location for trekking Morocco you might find most exciting is the rarely traveled Jbel Sarhro. Jbel Sarhro runs along the Anti Atlas and High Atlas mountains. From the area it is possible to overlook the Sahara desert in the distance. There are mesas, gorges, and volcanic pinnacles which are softened by the growth of palms and almond groves. It is an arid country with wild landscapes just waiting for the next visitor.

Treks through the Jbel Sarhro can take five to twenty days depending on what you wish to see. The different walks are almost endless when it comes to choices. The first place many travelers choose to see is Bab n?li. This High Atlas trekking experience brings you to rock formations which are geologically strange. For example the Tete De Chamaux or Head of the Camel cliffs which rise above Igli are distinctive. The cliffs are also impressive in size and magnificence. There is also the Taggourt Plateau. The plateau is the perfect opportunity for trekkers to look back at what they left behind. It is a stunning green and red landscape which is a marvel for anyone who has ever seen it. There are numerous peaks, plateaus, and rock formations to examine throughout the area.

Tizi n Tazazert is a two to three day hike up a pass. From this area it is possible to take a five day loop from N?ob to the Handeour Valley where dry river beds await the adventurer. Tadout n?ablah is another plateau of the region. The most magnificent area in the Jbel Sarhro region is Jbel Bou Rhdad and Tamouline. They are twin peaks you can trek. While these peaks do not reach the 4,000 meters of Jbel Toubkal they are no less impressive than the tallest High Atlas Mountain. Since the mountainous area of Jbel Sarhro was once littered with active volcanoes you have even more to add to the trip's sites. Volcanic rock can still be found near the pathways for you to marvel over as the rocks are very old.

Marokko Henna læder lamper lyser et rum

Hvis du ønsker at indarbejde lidt af marokkanske skønhed ind i dit daglige liv, Marokko henna læder lamper kan være lige hvad du søger. Disse fabelagtigt entydige elementer vil imponere gæsterne samt tilføje en smule farve til dit liv. Placeres hvor som helst i dit hjem, vil du være sikker på at have et kunstværk, som vil skabe en smuk omdrejningspunkt, sammen med en stor samtale stykke.

Før du køber nogen Marokko henna læder lamper, bør du vide lidt om området fra hvor de er oprettet. Efter alt, vil disse hjem accenter pynt en masse opmærksomhed, så du skal have svar på spørgsmål, når dine venner og familiemedlemmer forhøre sig om dem.

Hvis du planlægger at eje Marokko henna læder lamper, er det vigtigt at vide præcis hvad henna er. Henna er faktisk navnet på en flydende plante. Dens farve er udvundet af tørrede blade og stilke af anlægget.

Henna hårfarve bruges normalt til dekorative kunst på hænder og fødder, men bruges også til at gælde læder lamper og lanterner fantasifulde og karakteristiske design. Ellers kendt som Mehndi, er denne type kunst meget populære i Indien, Bangladesh, Nordafrika (Marokko) og Mellemøsten. Selv om mere populære i de ovennævnte områder, henna vinder mere og mere berømmelse i Nordamerika på grund af sin indviklede, endnu subtile, skønhed.

Hvis den lampe, du vælger at købe kommer fra Marokko, er chancer næsten 100 procent, at det blev lavet af professionelle håndværker hænder. Dette er grunden til hver Marokko henna læder lampe er helt unik. Du vil ikke finde den identiske henna design på to separate lamper. Typisk lavet af gedeskind, hver sektion af materiale er hånd-bundet til rammen og Læderet er malet med den marokkanske henna.

Disse lamper kommer i mange forskellige størrelser og udformninger. Du kan hænge et kæmpe Marokko henna læder lampe fra loftet. Eller måske du ønsker et mindre stykke til at accent en tabel i dit soveværelse. Hvis det er tilfældet, placere en gorgeous, lille bordlampe ved siden af din seng. Anvendelser for disse fantastiske lamper er uendelige.

Kongeriget Marokko er et smukt land beliggende i Nordafrika. Det grænser op til Spanien og Middelhavet nord, Algeriet mod øst og Atlanterhavet mod vest. Marokko er kendt som et konstitutionelt monarki, hvor en konge eller statsoverhoved er valgt af folket. I modsætning til Det Forenede Kongerige, som også er et konstitutionelt monarki, har monarch store udøvende beføjelser.

Europæiske lande, såsom Frankrig og Spanien, har haft enorm indflydelse i Marokko. Faktisk indtil slutningen af 1950 ' erne, både Frankrig og Spanien ejet territorier i Marokko. Når at opnå sin uafhængighed, var Marokko i en tilstand af politisk uro. Det var ikke indtil slutningen af halvfemserne, at foreløbig politisk reform blev etableret.

Marokko henna læder lamper vil tilføje varme og farve for dig hjem eller lejlighed, samtidig med at tilføje en etnisk flair, der vil sætte din sted ud fra resten. Der er ingen tvivl om, at disse lamper aldrig vil miste deres stil.

To Market, to Market - Buying and Living in Morocco

Faring better under global recession conditions, Morocco is now one of the most stable economies in northern Africa. A youthful and progressive king, Mohammed VI has enthusiastically embraced economic development and has changed laws to make property investment easier for foreigners, providing an array of tax incentives such as low CGT, no inheritance tax and no property tax for the first five years.

His ambitious tourist project Vision 2010 aims to attract 10 million visitors a year to the country where English, French and Spanish are widely spoken, and is responsible for an extensive programme of resort development, such as the flagship Mediterranea Saidia on the north coast.

In the last ten years, house prices have more than doubled in Morocco, particularly in the popular cities of Tangiers, Marrakech, Fez, Rabat and Casablanca. Buyers have the option of an older property, such as the traditional Moroccan townhouse, or 'riad' that can be found in the medinas of the old cities, or a European colonial-style home (high ceilings, cool spaces, shutters, landscaped gardens) normally found in special development zones on the outskirts of cities, or a property within one of the big Mediterranean-style resort developments with amenities such as swimming pools, shops and restaurants.

A property in need of work can cost from £50,000 upwards, while a refurbished riad can set you back anything from £150,000 to over a million pounds. But Shaw's company can guide prospective buyers through the whole process. "Elite Morocco Properties have a team dedicated to sourcing the best riad opportunities and we can help you with everything from legal advice to renovation to management, rental and even the sale of your finished riad."

Wherever and whatever you buy, says Michael Kent of Moroccan Sands, the property company marketing the Blue Pearl Golf Resort in Saidia, make sure you take good advice. "It is fairly straightforward to buy property in Morocco and there are good tax benefits," says Kent, "but make sure you use a good independent local lawyer with knowledge of the Moroccan system. You should also ensure that all the payments you make for the property go into Morocco. This makes repatriation of the profit much easier."

Moroccan tourism's flagship Plan Azur project offers luxurious resort living in the government-backed Saidia development, which has covenants in place to cover any failure by developers. There is also a 15-year no-build guarantee on the surrounds so that the value of properties cannot be diluted by copycat developments. With shops, restaurants, sport and leisure facilities, marinas, golf courses, landscaped gardens and of course miles and miles of beaches, Saidia is at the centre of the King's Vision 2010 programme, and he often visits to monitor its progress. A variety of house styles are available, from apartments to penthouses and villas, starting at around £100,000.

When it comes to budgeting, on a £100,000 property for example, you would need to allow for around six to seven per cent to cover stamp duty, lawyer and notary fees, land registry and agent fees. So with links by air improving all the time, a glorious year-round climate and an exotic and colourful culture, Morocco seems perfect for Brits looking for some guaranteed winter sun.

Fem sjove ting at gøre i en Fez Hotel

Den middelalderlige by Fez i Marokko har seværdigheder og lyde, der kan virkelig helbrede denne sygdom mest aktive rejsende angst om – kedsomhed. Hvis vejret er fint og dit humør er op til nogle rigtige eventyr, så få ud af hotelværelset Fez og opleve byens betagende attraktioner som Bou Inania Madrassa og de Merenid grave. Stop ved på medina at shoppe for marokkanske elementer, som du kan give væk til dine venner derhjemme. Stå i ærefrygt, som du ser de marokkanske håndværkere traditionelt behandle læder på byens garverier. Også, en masse spændende aktiviteter og spændende hotspots venter udenfor din Fez hotel, så der er ingen måde for dig at være under de onde kløer af kedsomhed.

Men hvad hvis vejret vil ikke tillade dig at opleve den spænding og dikkedarer venter udenfor hotelværelset Fez? Eller hvad hvis du er ikke i humør til udfordringer Fez rejse men stadig ser frem til en sjov-fyldte dag? Fortvivl ikke, i sagen alvorlig kedsomhed sæt i, prøv en eller flere af disse fem sjove ting at gøre inde i din Fez overnatning:

1. Fortab dig selv i en bog

Endelig er det din chance for at afslutte den bog du begyndte at læse mens på fly, men var nødt til at sætte ned til at vige for disse Marokko ture. Læsning er altid en dejlig tidsfordriv. Kun en bog har evnen til at bringe dig til mange magiske steder af simpelthen bladre sider. Ikke har noget at læse? Prøv Mark Ellingham "den Rough Guide til Marokko".

2. øve dine kulinariske evner

Hvis du aldrig prøvet madlavning selv før, er dette en spændende ting at gøre. Finde en opskrift på en simpel marokkanske parabol på internettet og lade som om du er Marokkos version af Iron Chef. Husk at Følg instruktionerne omhyggeligt, så du kan komme op med en parabol, at du kan være rigtig stolt af. Tilbyde det til jeres rejse kammerat og beder om tilbagemeldinger.

3. Deltag blogosfæren

En online rejse journal er et must-have for rejsende. Din rejse erfaringer og ideer kan være nyttigt at andre mennesker. Det er også en praktisk måde at fortælle din familie og venner begivenhederne der skete med dig langs din rejse. Besøge andre blogs kan også give inspiration til fremtidige stillinger. Det kan endda være en vej til at bygge nye venskaber. For at gøre dette, Sørg for at bestille på en Fez hotel, der har en pålidelig internetforbindelse.

4. spille sport

De fleste Marokko accommodations har fritidsfaciliteter, som du kan bruge efter din smag. Tennisbaner, swimmingpools og golfbaner er de sædvanlige bekvemmeligheder fundet i en Fez hotel. Involverer dig selv i disse sportsgrene kan gavne dig på to måder: en, det kan hjælpe dig med at flygte fra kedsomhed; og to, det kan være gavnligt for dit helbred.

5. nyde en god tur

Efter du feasted dine øjne på Fezs fængslende landskab, er det på tide du give dine ører en skud af dine yndlingssange. Uanset hvilken musikgenre du er til, vil en sang med en dejlig rytme og beat aldrig undlade at bringe en afslappende følelse til din krop og sjæl. Så hvad venter du? Grab din favorit CD, tryk på play, og Skru op for lyden. Bare sørg for du ikke vil forstyrres Fez hotel beboerne næste døren!

Five Essential Celebrity Experiences in Morocco

Sex and drugs first lured celebrities to Morocco in the swinging sixties. Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones were among the first to arrive in 1966, and it was in Tangier that Cecil Beaton took the famous snap of the 'Stones by the hotel pool. Now that the sex and drugs are for the most part gone, the cheap filming costs and bohemian lifestyle keeps Southern Morocco's celeb quotient high. However, you don't have to be on a celebrity budget to enjoy the A-list lifestyle that Morocco has to offer. Here's a list of the top five celebrity experiences in Morocco with something to suit every budget.

Taking Afternoon Tea with Richard Branson

Situated high in the Atlas Mountains, Richard Branson's exclusive 'Kasbah Tamadot' is a world away from the bustling souks and medinas of Marrakech. The retreat, which primarily is a luxury hotel in Morocco, is everything that you would imagine a multimillionaire's African hideaway to be. At night, you can sample the culinary delights of its two onsite restaurants, but Kasbah Tamadot is also open during the day for a traditional Moroccan mint tea, served the traditional Berber way with lashings of sugar and sickly sweet baklava.

Enjoy your tea whilst overlooking the famous reflected pool and afterwards be sure to take look around the luxury hotel in Morocco with its individually decorated rooms and onsite camel petting farm. After filling up on sugary tea, don't miss the opportunity to take a hiking tour to a nearby Berber village, those of you with under-12's or after a more relaxing Moroccan holiday, will be pleased to note that there's also the option of travelling there first-class by mule.

Visit Yves St. Laurent's Moroccan Muse

Inside the walled city where pollution producing transport is banned, the optimum way of getting out and about is by horse-drawn carriage. There is little more romantic than travelling by horse and visiting the beautiful blue-hued gardens of Yves St. Laurent. This garden was often cited as inspiration for Algerian born, Yves St. Laurent's garments and his ashes are sprinkled here on the grounds.

If you want to experience some Islamic culture during your Moroccan holiday, then return during the daylight hours and visit the Museum of Islamic Art, whose cobalt blue walls provide the perfect backdrop to Yves' Moroccan muse.

Above Par at a Course Fit for a President

Golf isn't usually the first thing to spring to mind when Morocco is mentioned, but yet many luxury hotels in Morocco aren't complete without their own golf course. Morocco is fast emerging as one of the leading golf destinations in the world, thanks to its perfect climate and stunning backdrops, and whilst new courses are opening regularly, Royal Golf De Marrakesh has been standing on the same spot since 1923. The course is situated at the foot of the snow capped Atlas Mountains and embellished by an aromatic blend of orange, apricot, eucalyptus and cypress trees. Winston Churchill, who described Morocco as 'simply the most beautiful spot in the world', returned to this golf course on now less than five occasions, he even brought American President, Ike Eisenhower along for a round.

Souk Shopping Sienna Style

With their fashionable take on bohemia, it isn't hard to see why Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are drawn to free-spirited Morocco. No Moroccan holiday is complete without fine-tuning your negotiation skills in one of Marrakesh's famous souks. However, if you're notoriously bad at haggling, make like Sienna and hire yourself her personal shopper, Laetitia. Laetitia fell in love with the souks during a family holiday to Morocco, and has now set up shop running a business that supplies Topshop with leather goods. Laetitia is a wealth of information on Morocco and with her knowledge you can discover hidden gems, such as a make-up shop declared a UNESCO world heritage site and the exact shop that Sienna Miller buys her bohemian belts from; she'll even barter the price down for you. Although if you're taking a luxury holiday in Morocco or are on Sienna Miller's budget, this is slightly less of a problem for you.

Staying in Angie's Luxury Hotel in Morocco

Back before Brad, and whilst filming Alexander with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie fell in love with Morocco. Her preferred luxury hotel in Morocco is Le Meriden N'Fis and it was whilst filming Alexander that her co-star, Colin, famously racked up at $64,000 bill. The hotel is located in Southern Marrakesh, a destination favoured by film-makers due to its low filming costs and scenic mountain views. The hotel is set in 5 hectares of gardens and the highlight for guests is the serene olive waterfalls, which have been voted the best in the country. With an overflowing swimming pool and 24-hour babysitting duties, it's no wonder that Angelina returns to this hotel again and again with Brad and the family.

Mad og drikke i Marokko

Spise ude er en af de store attraktioner i Marokko. Marokkos traditionelle, omfattende haute cuisine retter er fremragende, sund og god værdi for pengene.

Det er nemt at se hvorfor Robert Carrier, berømte kok og madskribent, engang beskrev marokkansk mad som blandt de mest spændende i verden.

Forskellige ingredienser og krydderier anvendt er imponerende. Marokkos overflod af friske, lokalt dyrket fødevarer skaber en overflod af kød, fisk, frugt, rodfrugter, nødder og aromatiske krydderier, så integreret del af typiske marokkanske retter.

Med arabisk, Berber, romerske, afrikansk, franske og spanske påvirkninger afspejler den marokkansk mad positivt landets rige kulturarv.

Berber Culture and Beach Breaks Come Together With Villa Holidays in Morocco

For a break that gives you the chance to soak up the sun and get an insight into a historic civilisation, you may discover that villa holidays in Morocco tick all the right boxes.

By visiting Agadir you will not only be able to enjoy a spot of sunbathing on the expansive beach but you can also find out more about the Berbers, north Africa's indigenous population.

If you're something of a culture vulture you may want to head to the remains of the city's kasbah upon leaving your villa in Agadir for the day.

Built in the 16th century on top of a hill by the city's Saadi rulers, this structure was severely damaged by an earthquake which took place in 1960. However, you can get an idea of what this building was like in its heyday as part of its ramparts are still standing. And if you visit the kasbah at sundown, you will be able to see some stunning views of the bay.

To learn more about the region's past, you are sure to want to visit the Amazigh Heritage Museum. Not only will you be able to get a deeper insight into the changing lives of the Berbers over the centuries, but you can also see a collection of stunning silver jewellery.

After taking in the exhibits you may be keen to find out how the Berbers of today go about their lives, in which case head to the El-Had souk. Visiting the markets gives you the chance to see locals buy fresh food and other items. For a truly authentic villa holiday experience, why not pick up some local produce and have a go at creating your version of some classic Moroccan dishes?

Visiting Agadir's medina district can also give you an insight into Berber culture. This area of the city was reconstructed in the 1990s and as you traverse its intricate network of streets you will come across stalls and souks selling a wide range of wares. If you're in need of a breather, you will also come across a Moorish cafe where you can get a drink and a bite to eat.

But while Agadir is resplendent with cultural sights and shopping, there is much more to do in the city. With a ten km sandy beach and a minimum of 300 days of sunshine each year, it is also the perfect place for you to work on your tan.

However, if you want to be a little more active then you will find that the city's coastal location allows you to try your hand at a range of watersports including windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. You can also go horse-riding or play golf at a number of courses.

With so many things to see and do you may find yourself booking villa holidays in Morocco for years to come!

Større turist Resorts i Marokko

For nu, Marokko er stadig relativt uberørt af masseturismen, men der er nogle steder på kortet turist, der serveres særlig godt for besøgende.

Agadir: Marokkos nummer 1 Tourist Resort

Agadir ligger mod syd af Marokko på Atlanterhavskysten 9 Km fantastiske hvide sandstrand og alle bekvemmeligheder af et moderne badeby.

Agadir byder 300 dage af varme solskin, som også er særligt fremtrædende i vintermånederne. Her kan du finde mange femstjernede hoteller og et stort udbud af hotelsenge, angiveligt en fjerdedel af samlet i Marokko.

I første omgang, synes der kun få tegn på den rige historie og tradition findes i andre marokkanske byer, men hvis du søger det ud, vil du finde det i dybet af byen. Dette skyldes hovedsageligt en hidtil uset jordskælv, der rystede Agadir i 1961. Det er nu blevet re modellerede som en populær pakke feriemål, samt en større fiskerihavn.

Når eftersynkroniseret Miami Marokko, tilbyder Agadir en bred vifte af aktiviteter – langs stranden, kamelridning, parascending, scootere og speedbåde, samt ridning, tennis og en 18-hullers golfbane.

Natteliv i Agadir er typisk europæisk i stil, at blive nummer et turist-resort i Marokko. Marokkanerne ser dette som fantastisk, i forhold til manglen på natklubber i mest marokkanske byer. De fleste dicos og klubber indgår i hoteller, men velkommen normalt uden for gæsterne. Desværre, marokkanske piger ikke normalt hyppige natklubber medmindre de er ud af arbejde.

Agadir tilbyder den nyeste laser lysshow teknologi i mange af sine klubber. Kasinoer på Club Valtur og Sheraton Starwoods Hotel er meget populære. CAF

Know The Geography Of Spain

A detailed map of Spain will come in handy when it’s time to plan your vacation. You can get a quick overview of the geography and topography, and help you orient yourself to the important cities and landmarks within the country. You can also get a feel for where Spain lies in relation to the rest of Europe and the world.

Where in the World?

Spain is at the southwest part of Europe. In comparison, Spain is just over two times the size of the state of Oregon in the US. Besides the mainland, Spain also includes several islands off the coast of Morocco. The islands are the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Penon de Alhucemas, Islas Chafarinas and Penon de Velez de la Gomera. Understanding the physical layout and area of Spain goes a long way toward understanding the Spanish culture.

Though Spain borders several countries (France, Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco), it still has a considerable amount of coastline (nearly 5000 km). Beaches are a significant draw for vacationers. Another reason it’s so popular is because of the mild climate. Spain enjoys good weather nearly year-round. The most temperate area is along the coastline, with the more extreme temperature changes occurring inland.

At its lowest point, Spain is at sea level. The country’s highest point is a peak in the Canary Islands. The Pico de Teide reaches 3718 m.

Important Cities in Spain

The Strait of Gibraltar lies at the southern tip of Spain. This is the route from the Mediterranean Sea to the North Atlantic Ocean. This is a popular passing area for merchants and trade.

The Alicante region, located in the southeast region of Spain, is a popular tourist attraction for visitors from Europe. It offers a wide variety of activities, from historical ruins to modern conveniences.

Madrid, Spain’s capital, is near the center of Spain, near the Tagus River, which flows to the North Atlantic Ocean via Portugal. Seville is in the southwestern part of Spain. It’s famous for it’s tributes to Spanish culture through art and culture. It’s also an important financial center in Spain. Barcelona and Cartagena are also popular tourist spots.

The cities of Gijon and Santander are located near the Bay of Biscay, on the northern coast of Spain. Other northern coastal cities include A Coruna and Vigo. As Spain is nearly completely surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that fishing and salt harvesting are big business here.

Experience the Culture and Heritage of Morocco With a Visit to Marrakesh's Medina

If you are looking for a holiday that features sunshine, culture and heritage then staying in a Morocco villa could be for you. You will find that there is plenty to see and do, particularly in the capital of Marrakesh.

While you are staying in a villa in Agadir you should certainly spend at least one day exploring the Medina in the city. The Old Town of Marrakesh is an exciting place to explore, offering you an opportunity to experience the culture and history of Morocco all in one place. If you want to do some souvenir shopping during your stay then you couldn't find a better place, with souks dotted throughout the streets of the Medina.

You can pick up handicrafts, fabrics and local delicacies, giving you the chance to buy a memento of your trip or pick up some unusual gifts for your friends and family. If you feel spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one of the many Agadir villas available to rent then you should select one that allows you easy access to Marrakesh.

A visit to the city's Medina is about much more than simply shopping, with plenty of historical sights to seek out. As you walk into the Medina itself, you will notice that the Old Town of Marrakesh is surrounded by 12th century ramparts. The heritage of the city does not stop there, with plenty of other interesting buildings that each represent a different part of Marrakesh's heritage.

Stopping in the main square to take in the scene is advisable, as you may find one of the street performers on hand to give you a unique cultural show. Although parts of the Medina can seem crowded, there are still areas you can visit for some more relaxed sightseeing.

The Saadian Tombs located in the Arabo-Andalusian garden are one such place. The mausoleums are beautifully decorated and will provide a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the markets.

Another sight to take in is the El-Mansour mosque, which is known for its striking minarets. If you want to see the Medina - and in fact Marrakesh - in an alternative light then you could venture to the El-Badi Palace. The terrace at the ruins of this 16th century palace offers panoramic views across the rooftops of the city.