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Experience the Culture and Heritage of Morocco With a Visit to Marrakesh's Medina

If you are looking for a holiday that features sunshine, culture and heritage then staying in a Morocco villa could be for you. You will find that there is plenty to see and do, particularly in the capital of Marrakesh.

While you are staying in a villa in Agadir you should certainly spend at least one day exploring the Medina in the city. The Old Town of Marrakesh is an exciting place to explore, offering you an opportunity to experience the culture and history of Morocco all in one place. If you want to do some souvenir shopping during your stay then you couldn't find a better place, with souks dotted throughout the streets of the Medina.

You can pick up handicrafts, fabrics and local delicacies, giving you the chance to buy a memento of your trip or pick up some unusual gifts for your friends and family. If you feel spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one of the many Agadir villas available to rent then you should select one that allows you easy access to Marrakesh.

A visit to the city's Medina is about much more than simply shopping, with plenty of historical sights to seek out. As you walk into the Medina itself, you will notice that the Old Town of Marrakesh is surrounded by 12th century ramparts. The heritage of the city does not stop there, with plenty of other interesting buildings that each represent a different part of Marrakesh's heritage.

Stopping in the main square to take in the scene is advisable, as you may find one of the street performers on hand to give you a unique cultural show. Although parts of the Medina can seem crowded, there are still areas you can visit for some more relaxed sightseeing.

The Saadian Tombs located in the Arabo-Andalusian garden are one such place. The mausoleums are beautifully decorated and will provide a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the markets.

Another sight to take in is the El-Mansour mosque, which is known for its striking minarets. If you want to see the Medina - and in fact Marrakesh - in an alternative light then you could venture to the El-Badi Palace. The terrace at the ruins of this 16th century palace offers panoramic views across the rooftops of the city.