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Things you need to do in Marrakech

Things you need to do in Marrakech

It would take a long time to run out of things to do in Marrakech. No matter what type of holiday you are looking for, there are many options. Filled with carpets and spices, hiking in the desert on a camel for a luxury spa treatments and relax your markets are wide and varied. However, if you are planning a trip to Morocco, there are some things that you absolutely must not miss.

Discover Djamma El Fna - This is the main market square in the center of the medina, the old city of Marrakech. This place is busy day and night. You will find Moroccan specialties, exotic spices and traditional leather. Do not be surprised to see the strange acrobat, snake charmer or belly dancer as you make your way through the site. Be sure to try the delicious walnut cookies coconut you find sold by local women. The square is surrounded by great cafes, so if the action gets too much for you to relax and take a break.

Try a ride on a horse-drawn carriage - A great way to see the beautiful old city of Marrakech is to take a carriage ride. Take a trip around the ramparts of the old-fashioned way.

A Traditional Spa North Africa - Need to relax after all that exploration? Try a steam room, a hot spa traditional North African. In the Hammam is no bathtub in sight. Instead, there is a series of tiled rooms where you have to wash and clean your body in the correct order. When you leave be ready for a soft and supple skin. A steam room is a feast for the senses as well as for the skin, the rooms are brightly decorated with beautiful tiles, fountains and water. If this is not just for relaxing and rejuvenating effects experience, opt for the beautiful scenery.

Shop local specialties - a Moroccan souk, or market is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in Marrakech. You will find a wide range of hidden treasures, where you can negotiate the best price. If you are looking for a great souvenir why not bring home a bit of work in traditional Moroccan leather. Berber carpets are also an excellent choice, very well done, these mats African style look great in any home and will be a constant reminder of your fantastic journey.

Take a course in Moroccan cuisine - Of course, it goes without saying that Moroccan cuisine is fabulous and most visitors will try a local restaurant. But why not take some of these fantastic cooking skills yourself? In this way, you can go home and play some delicious food you sampled on your holiday. Many hotels as Riad Marrakech offers in home cooking classes.

Experience a Riad - A Riad, sometimes spelled Ryad or Riyad is a traditional Moroccan house. This style building dates back hundreds of years and is still popular today. In many ancient medina riads were deteriorating have been restored and converted into hotels, restaurants and shops. Staying in a riad is a great way to discover the Moroccan way of traditional life .......

Marrakech Riads - How to choose the best for you

Marrakech Riads - How to choose the best for you

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses found in the Medina which are usually two stories high and arranged around a garden patio cool. Riads are family restored houses that have been converted into guest houses comfortable and pleasant, while preserving the original structure. From the terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view over the medina with the Atlas mountains with snowy peaks in the background. Riads offer its guests a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience of the old quarters of the city without giving up all the amenities and modern comforts.

But not all riads are the same and it is advisable to follow some steps to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements to make the most of your holiday in Marrakech.

Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice in choosing the Riad suits you best:

1. Have your wallets: consider your budget and prioritize your spending

In Marrakech, there are hundreds of riads, all similar in that they are all located in the Medina, but with prices proposed and the services offered. You will find some modest riads that offer comfortable accommodations low-key, unpretentious often populated by backpackers and young travelers. These riads are perfect if you want to explore the city while staying in the heart of the old town, but your budget is modest. You'll find all the commodities and services for a comfortable and pleasant stay, but no additional equipment or extravagance. If you do not want to spend all your money on your accommodation but seek comfort and convenience, you should stay in one of these small riads.

At the other end of the scale, you'll find sumptuous and extremely luxurious riads that offer all kinds of additional services, such as steamroom, spa, room service, beauty treatments, massage room or a private garden and shows, between others, as well as the quality of service. Obviously, the prices here are much higher than in most riads, not affordable for all budgets, but the temptation is if your budget is high. Of course, you will stay in a luxury riad you will live a different experience of the ocher city and you will be able to enjoy your stay otherwise. Thus, when choosing the best suitable riad your budget, you should check out what services and amenities are available, consider if you are really willing to pay for them or rather spend your money on something else, and compare prices and services.

2. Think about the main purpose of your trip and choose your Riad accordingly

You can travel to your honeymoon with your family and children, during a business trip or on your own. Each type of riad caters to different audiences and offer different moods and services. When choosing your Riad for your stay in Marrakech, make sure your choice is the goal of your vacation. By doing some basic research, you will find riads that are perfect for a romantic or more suitable for adventurous hiking, ideal getaway for families and children, those looking for something in between and with all the facilities and equipment required for meetings business, conferences or seminars.

Just ask around and look at the reviews online or through your travel agent to get a clear idea of ​​what kind of environment is suggested by each riad and to check if the atmosphere it offers is the one you want .

3. Location, location, location ... there is no harm in checking the map!

As we have already mentioned, all of Marrakech riads are located in the medina, or old city, which is an ideal location for exploring the souks, the discovery of the famous Jemaa El Fna and dynamic, with tourist sites most important historical monuments and close to hand. But not all parts of the medina are the same or offer the same environment. If you are looking for an exciting and action packed Marrakech, you can choose a riad, is near the main square and souks or in one of the exciting and bustling medina streets. The old city is full of life, full of small shops of all kinds, where tourists and locals are still engaged in negotiations, admire the craftsmanship, eating out or chatting over tea with mint and a hookah or water pipe welcoming.

But if your goal is to have a relaxing and peaceful holiday, or a private getaway, romantic or peaceful, so you may avoid the busy and crowded streets of the medina streets and want to choose a riad in a countless streets, if authentic, quaint and, above all, much more calm and quiet. In addition, you may be planning to explore not only the old town, but also the French Quarter with its many shops, restaurants and attractions, or even consider a golfing break or hiking. In this case, your best bet is probably either stay in riad offering transport your intended destinations or who has the best location on the way to it. In all cases, the location must be a key element in making your decision, because it can determine the quality and potential of your stay for you to make the best of it.

4. Services tailored to your desires: not all riads offer what you are looking for!

Some travelers choose accommodation according to the amenities it offers. For example, if you are traveling with children, there are some things you can not do without. Also, consider traveling to Marrakech in the middle of summer and you are particularly sensitive to high temperatures, then your choice of crucial is determined by its offer or not offer air conditioning or pool.

There are also travelers who require certain facilities for their holidays. Some people like the idea of ​​having a luxury and services available to them if they use it or not, are used to staying in a luxury accommodation. Not all riads offer the same amenities So if you think you do not need specific things to make your stay enjoyable and fulfilling, you should check if your riad has them available.

Finally, other travelers, especially backpackers and adventurous globetrotters, will more often than not attach little importance to the services and facilities offered by their riad, believing that such unnecessary luxuries and unnecessarily increase the cost. As you can eat properly, sleep comfortably and save a little money to keep moving, why worry?

Thus, we recommend that you write a list of services that you can not go without the services you can afford it, but would enjoy it even if you do not necessarily need them, and the services that you can not not afford or are not willing to pay for. This will help you make the most of your stay and even put some money aside so that you can spend on things that will really please you! ......

Dekka El Marrakchia - The Music of Marrakech

Dekka El Marrakchia - The Music of Marrakech

Dakka el Marrakchia is a unique cultural musical tradition in Morocco. Other spellings are Daqqa, or dekka Dekker. This word means "typing rhythm with hands" in Arabic through a very particular sound produced by clapping kept straight on any flat surface with your fingers together or kept separate. As its name suggests, El Dakka Marrakchia native of the imperial city of Marrackech and flourished mainly during the religious festival of Achuri (celebrated on the tenth day of the Muslim New Year). The celebration of marriage is also a great opportunity to listen Dakka el Marrakchia, where the atmosphere is fun and lively.

Dakka is a kind of rhythmic applause perfectly precise and controlled. It's a real feat manual based on three phases faster pace orchestrated by three main instruments: the "ta'rijat" small baked tambourines wide opening, the "tar", an instrument of the membrane, and the " qarqaba rattlesnakes "(or karkaba), an instrument of iron rhythm reminiscent of Spanish castanets. The troupe consists of many drummers begin with songs referring to the holy city, evoking all the praise they deserve. This first phase, large and majestic, and led by percussionist chief, said some of the dances "Ahwach".

The second phase (or middle phase) is simple, moderate and repetitive. It is a prelude to the expected evolution of pace during the third and final phase of the Dakka called "Afus" (which means "hand" in Berber). During this last stage, the artists Dakka get carried away by the effects of popular trumpet (or "NFIR") and are able to further enhance the atmosphere of fellowship, entertainment and mysticism will undoubtedly charm you.

Thus, Morocco has an important musical heritage which is as diverse as its multicultural society. If you want to satisfy your curiosity and discovery of all Moroccan musical styles, I invite you to visit this country and enjoy its rich culture firsthand. You will certainly enjoy your holiday and you will have moments full of fun and happiness. 

Let your hair down at Nikki Beach Marrakech

Let your hair down at Nikki Beach Marrakech
Let Your Hair Down to Nikki Beach Marrakech

When you are tired of exploring the medina, the souks and the crowd in Marrakech becomes too strong and you want to have fun the way jetset, partying in Marrakech Nikki Beach is a wonderful way to enjoy, relax and let your hair down. It is one of 14 locations Nikki Beach found all over the world and I would say they definitely live up to their reputation when it comes to hosting large parties!

In my opinion, it is certainly one of the best front lines of the Nikki Beach chain on four continents. To achieve this, it is preferable that your Marrakech riad or hotel offers private transportation service to take you. I have heard many stories about people getting ripped off by taxi drivers when they took a taxi. At the entrance you will be greeted by doorman not look so happy that charges people up to $ 40 for the entrance fee.

It's a good thing we did not have to pay the entrance fee when we went there since we got free VIP passes by the hotel. They serve the best sushi and frozen hands across Morocco caipirinhas. They are so good and worth every dollar we paid for them.

We arrived at about 3 16 hours which was perfect because the game does not really start until the end of the afternoon. This allowed us to find the best pool in the middle of the beach beds white canopy which gave us a beautiful view of the surroundings. The place was alive with music house the latest Nikki Beach CD and looking around, we saw that there were already a number of good people who were there to celebrate earlier.

Marrakech Nikki Beach is slowly transformed into a nightclub with a beach party themed house the night crept in. The place has become more alive with lights and sexy just as sexy electronic music courtesy of their resident DJ . There was movement and laughter everywhere and I was surprised to see so many rich and beautiful Marrakech and around the world converge in the same place at the same time.

In the middle of the free-form pool was a pool bar where girls in bikinis hot trail and there are plenty of sofas and sunbeds to relax on large palm trees in the background. Marrakech Nikki Beach is where the best is! Each year is marked by the annual White Party Nikki Beach attracts celebrities, models, and present the Moroccan elite.

There are people who find the place a little on the expensive side though and I guess that goes for all Nikki Beach locations around the world with the main reason being the exclusivity between the rich and famous elite ordinary crowd. This place is not the average tourist destination.

Find out Marrakech Nikki Beach event calendars before you go. It's not every day that they are open and the best time of the week to check out the scene on a Saturday and Sunday with the opening of Marrakech on March 10 to January 2 of the season next year

Marrakech Hammam - The Middle Eastern Spa Tradition

Marrakech Hammam - The Middle Eastern Spa Tradition

Heat in North Africa has a way to imbue in you leaving you tired and drained at the end of the day. Travel around Marrakech desert dust gets in your face and skin. Some folks see the need to make frequent stops in bars and cafes just to take a break and refresh. Some take a short nap and a cold shower to rejuvenate their body heat and exhaustion.

They did not know that the smartest thing to do would be to visit the hammam Marrakech. Your visit to Morocco would be complete without experiencing the hammam or bath house which is what I consider a truly unique cultural experience. It is the counterpart of the Middle East that we know as the spa.

Now, if you stay in one of the luxury riads or hotels in Marrakech, chances are, they would have their own steam which is private property. You can opt for a scrub down your hotel is boring, or take the true path and experience the chance to meet and socialize with the locals and participate in one of their customs to a house Bathhouse. I would recommend it.

So my husband and I went to check Les Bains de Marrakech is said to be one of the best Marrakech hammam. The interior was beautiful! I would say it was a very fun and unique experience for us. In Muslim tradition, men and women are different and we were separated at the door sections.

At first I was a little self-conscious about being naked in front of these strangers. We were asked to strip down to our underwear. Women can either wear a bikini, lingerie, or nothing at all. We were both given a bucket of supplies and were then taken to the steam rooms full of old Marrakech hammam.

It then asked me to lie down as my body doused with bucket after bucket of hot water lady, then she rubbed the soap (which I later learned was eucalyptus) all over my body and told me to wait for about 15 minutes. The Marrakech hammam lady then came back with this glove treatment they call a kese and cleaned every part of my body. The idea is to rub the dead skin off your body and I watched it all fall dead skin!

After you have finished rubbing me, she washed me again and prepared me for a relaxing massage. She used this fragrant oil massage that felt really good on the skin. I guess it's because of all the washing I had that made me feel spotless!

After about an hour of cleaning, washing and mixing, all that was left to do was to rinse me ceremoniously dumping buckets of water to rinse off. I certainly felt relaxed and rejuvenated after this and I was ready for a new adventure Marrakech. My skin was like a baby!

Many people go to Morocco, but not much experience this pleasure that is Marrakech Hammam. One tip though, it is not wise to go to the hammam on Thursday evening or Friday, which is the Muslim holy day since the place is usually packed. It would also be a good thing to know if where you want to go to separate swimming hours for men and women which impose some steam .......

3 good reasons to rent a Riad in Marrakech

3 good reasons to rent a Riad in Marrakech

Marrakech is the number one destination in Morocco and one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It has a unique charm with its winding streets of the old medina of the city, its impressive landscapes, famous palm and countless attractions in and around the city. Places like El Bahia or El Badi Palace, the Saadian Tombs, the Dar El Bacha Museum, the Koutoubia Mosque and many others make a great city, besides the fact that it has the largest souk of North Africa and is quite close to the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert.

Once in Marrakech, you may wonder what may be the best choice in accommodation, from the ocher city offers all kinds of places to stay. There are hotels, riads, traditional houses, B & B, villas, apartments, hostels, Berber tents, etc., each of which offers different types of services at different prices for completely different types of location. But for many tourists who come to Marrakech, riads are by far the preferred choice. Here is a list of 3 reasons to choose a riad for your holidays in Marrakech.

1. Location: riads are usually located within the city walls, in the old medina of the city. This simple fact has innumerable advantages and is probably the number one reason to stay in a riad. The medina is certainly the most beautiful, fascinating and vibrant part of town, with its winding streets, its medieval souks and street life without end. Moreover, in a riad in the medina you will be close to many historical monuments and palaces of the city and just a few steps from the Jemaa El Fna extraordinary, perhaps the most amazing place in the country .

2. Services: You may think riads offer limited simply because they are quite small traditional houses in the old quarters of the city services. Nothing is further from the truth. For starters, there are all types of riads, charming small family homes with three or four bedrooms with huge impressive royal residences which consists of two or more riads put together and transformed into riads the size of a hotel. In addition, most riads offer the same services as any star hotel services 3 or 4 rooms, TV / DVD / hi-fi, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, steam room, restaurant, etc. - but only on a smaller scale. Another fantastic service quite unique riads is the possibility to organize excursions and trips to the desert, the mountains, the sea, etc.

3. Price: riads are usually the same price as the hotels, but they have the incomparable advantage of their location and hotels equal in their services. As there are many of them in the medina of Marrakech, the competition is fierce, which means it is quite common to find great promotions and discounts. But that does not mean that the accommodation riads are "cheap" second order. In fact, some of the luxurious surroundings the most sumptuous stay in Marrakech riads have been furnished and decorated nests beautiful houses .......

Beautiful Moroccan city of Marrakech

Beautiful Moroccan city of Marrakech

The entire country of Morocco has a mystical and mysterious to many people romantic association. This is largely due to the great city of Casablanca, which was also the title of an iconic American movie watching Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. And while the film may have introduced the overall symbolic association in the country, Morocco, Marrakech city is actually one of the main cultural centers of the latter. It is also one of the top tourist destinations in the country. And in this spirit, it is also likely that most people who visit Marrakech will also make a trip north of Casablanca.

Marrakech has many distinguishing features that place it at the top of many international lists and thriving culture is representative of the contemporary as well as its diverse and dynamic history progressive status. Marrakech is the capital of the average of the south-west and is located on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. These incredible snowy peaks form a beautiful backdrop and atmospheric accent in the beautiful city below and they also create a kind of sense of security protection. The mountains have played an important role in the cultural heritage of the city and held a large almost spiritual for residents throughout the centuries.

The city itself is the story of its history, not unlike many other cultural centers of North Africa, it is made of an old fortified settlement, known as the Medina and modern and contemporary city, which is called Gueliz. The total population of Marrakech is more than one million inhabitants and one of its distinctive features is the traditional market town, which is the largest of its kind in Morocco. Most of Morocco's international tourists arrive in the country via the Menara International Airport is located in Marrakech. And as previously mentioned, they are likely to take the train north rail, which will land in Casablanca.

Marrakech is one of the busiest squares in Morocco as well as the whole of Africa and the world. The square called Djemaa el Fna, so full of people day and night and it is a leading entertainment and hubbubs activities of the city. During the days of many artists such as acrobats, dancers, musicians and all sorts of other artists attract and delight the crowds. At nightfall, food stalls open in the square and patrons watch as it turns into a large open aired restaurant. It is one of the most fascinating places in the city and tourists appreciate the diversity of offerings and are able to live a large part of the culture in one place .......

Marrakech Review of Palais Suleiman

Marrakech Review of Palais Suleiman

If you are looking for a hotel or riad in Marrakech that offers a great location, then look no further! Here is a review of Palace Marrakech Riad Suliman Soulieman or as it is popularly known. This luxury property is located in the heart of the medina of Marrakech.

I had a couple of night stay at Riad Suliman and I think me a credible source of information about this Riad, so this examination. Soulieman palace is considered a jewel when it comes to the traditional Moroccan architecture. This magnificent house was built before the turn of the 19th century and occupies a strategic position on the road to Fez.

It's pretty much close to the action and local attractions as the Red City has to offer. Soulieman Palace is just 15 minutes walk from the Djemaa El Fna square and the Museum of Marrakech, which are great places to check out and get up close and personal with the Moroccan culture. This critique of Marrakech Palais Soulieman aims to give you accurate information on what to expect from this luxury riad.

This Marrakech riad offers eight luxurious suites that are built around a courtyard illuminated making it a fresh and romantic setting ideal because it is close to the pool. These suites will surely offer all the elegance and distinction eager guests from a traditional Moroccan palace. These rooms are huge and I find the space to be evenly distributed to go with its exquisite design.

It also has a terrace that reveal a nostalgic vision of the old Medina and the peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the beautiful Marrakech horizon. There are many wonderful qualities Soulieman I feel should be mentioned in this review. Let me add that they have their own room Turkish bath and massage service, which is really rewarding after a long day of exploring the imperial city in Morocco.

Now, how about a review of the food Marrakech Riad Suliman? They have a restaurant where you can enjoy a typical Moroccan culinary experience in an informal but excellent with classic Moroccan dishes cooked and served to perfection. Meals are served daily in the sun and you can arrange your dinner to be served on the terrace, which I think is a very romantic sanctuary tonight. They also have six huge halls and a large outdoor terrace they cover and provide heat during the winter.

To conclude this review, I wanted to talk about a part of a service type that I have not seen in a hotel in Morocco. Would you believe that Soulieman Palace offers a baby-sitting? This is a brilliant idea that they came up with for couples traveling with children.

I hope you find this review helpful Soulieman Marrakech Palais on your next trip to the red city. I'm sure you are looking forward to your Moroccan adventure and I would certainly expect that you will enjoy your stay in this luxury riad and I would be happy to provide you a more insightful review in the future .......

Advantages of staying in a Riad In a hotel in Marrakech

Advantages of staying in a Riad In a hotel in Marrakech

If you come to Marrakech, you will find a great choice of accommodation: riads, hotels, villas, apartments, etc. Since riads are a very unique individual choice of accommodation, Morocco, the world does not have a clear idea about what they really are, the services they offer and the benefits they offer. Most visitors choose to riads in Marrakech because they think they have more overall benefits compared to a hotel, and there are indeed several reasons.

First, Marrakech riads are very cheap, and more often than not offer the same services as hotels do. Most riads have their own pool, spa and traditional hammam or Turkish bath, restaurant and bar, and even their own transport. In addition, many riads help you rent a car, book a table in a restaurant, guide you to the most interesting places of interest or even plan your golfing, fishing, surfing or other leisure activities, and to organize tours and excursions.

Another good reason to stay in a riad instead of a hotel is that your experience of the city will be completely different. Marrakech hotels are usually located outside the city center, in the new districts, while all the riads are located inside the medina, or old town. Thus, staying in a riad, you will be very close to the souks, historic monuments and the famous Jemaa el Fna. Also, staying in a riad you will have the chance to experience first-hand the charm and magic of the narrow streets and alleys of the medina, with its vendors, its traditional means of transport and a thousand picturesque and exotic street scenes. In addition, while hotels are modern buildings, unoriginal and conventional Moroccan riads are Tyical houses that maintain their traditional structure and decoration.

Also, riads are often located in calm and quiet streets, which give both privacy and tranquility while having all the attractions at your fingertips. Contrary to this, hotels in Marrakech are usually too busy and noisy due to their size and location, and their service is looser and more impersonal. Although hotels in Marrakech, as elsewhere, suggest great service and are very comfortable, you will find a stay in a riad offers the same services while offering a friendly, family atmosphere and a staff of more friendly and reliable.

So if you plan to visit Marrakech for your next vacation, I recommend you choose a riad as your accommodation to make the most of your stay.

There are countless fantastic riads in Marrakech, most of which offer high quality services and a unique atmosphere. Some of these riads will even offer you the chance to remain as a beautiful villa in Marrakech, where luxury and comfort are still affordable. If you choose your riad accommodation in Marrakech, you will definitely want to return to this magical city.

David Gonzalez-business is a writer, journalist, teacher and translator who has traveled extensively and lived in several North American and international African, European, ....

Why you should visit Marrakech in Morocco

Why you should visit Marrakech in Morocco

Everyone around you talking about Marrakech. If early interest growing in the most important tourist city in Morocco was considered a fad today Marrakech is one of the most visited tourist destinations. So what's his secret?

Marrakech is one of those places on earth that will take you to another dimension. The Red City has implemented a concept of tourism based on emotions: the visitor is attracted, fascinated and amazed by the treasures of Marrakech reveals - step by step - strolling. Built in the middle of the desert, Marrakech invites you to get acquainted with a very special atmosphere, something close to mysticism. Everything is unique: the color pink buildings bottling without rules until the goats on the passenger seat of scooters.

Marrakech excels in the art of keeping a balance between tradition and modernity. Sometimes the secret, sometimes exuberant, this city has an agreement with the visitor: the more curious you are, the more you enjoy.

As the main imperial city, Marrakech is proud to be one of the most beautiful Medina world. At the heart of its 15 kilometers of ramparts, a microcosm totally impervious to outside influences perpetuates an old traditional way of life that has survived the test of time. Jamaa El Fna, the most emblematic and the epicenter of the Medina Square, was the scene of a show of the man who has survived the centuries without losing an ounce of its essence: snake charmer, storytellers, stands of orange and giant barbecues set up for juice. Medina takes you into a mysterious space of the child inside you should take it as a playground. In an atmosphere of hide and seek, we expect visitors to walk through every single narrow streets to discover that behind carved wooden door offers a magnificent palace paradise.

Sometimes you will find a quiet coffee, whose crazy adventure steps lead up to an incredible panoramic terrace to enjoy a mint tea. Medina is the land of riads, better known as guest houses and where the visitor will get in touch with local people through the experience of negotiating bustling markets. Authentic tours are not your cup of tea? Do not worry. We will sink into the modern version of the city and make the most of its modern lifestyle. Authentic riads, contemporary hotel with pool and spa, elegant restaurants with live music every night, international dishes, nice lounge bar, private transport ...

Marrakech has the answers to all kinds of expectations. Feel like shopping? Just walk into the new town and into every single exclusive boutique. Fancy a great night? Choose one of the amazing nightlife in Marrakech and take the pulse of magnetic Moroccan nights. So what's really special about this?

Have you ever danced or dined in a palace of the Arabian night with the best staff ever treatment? This is the difference Marrakech, this city offers visitors a dream experience so far from one of its expectations. Each year, cities around the world are entering the international tourism industry. They differentiate themselves from the competition with huge luxury resorts, exotic experience, beautiful environment, a complete range of recreational facilities, historical monuments, art services and a particular sense of hospitality. Marrakech encompasses all these features and more. Discover Marrakech is not only a journey, but a timeless experience full of magic and surprises. All these specific characteristics and commitment to meet the expectations of travelers make this anything but a fashion destination.

Marrakech Riads

Marrakech Riads

Marrakech riads are a haven of peace and tranquility amidst the bustle of the medina. The medina is obviously infectious with its colorful and lively atmosphere with the sounds of commerce and laughter and music.

Simply through the door in the country you are in another time and place . A time of splendor and luxury in a country far, far away in your mind. It is quite wickedly wonderful way to spend quality time in riads in Marrakech.

For those of you who do not know are Riads Marrakech , they are a traditional Moroccan house . The Arabic translation of riad is the garden and hence a riad is a combination of a house and garden. Many riads Marrakech also have swimming pools in their centers. Imagine the luxurious rooms , bright colors , unique food , music and time to take a dip in the pool brilliant. Sounds about right is not it ?

Revel in some of the most spectacular sights you'll never get the chance to book your travel online . Make sure you have lots of questions and ask for their personal opinion on places to stay and things to do while you choose from which riads book. The prices are not so outrageous , even with the recession, we could conveniently book a flight and a short stay.

Who could honestly resist the wonderful accommodation with their spectacular views of the medina and the distant snow-capped peaks of the Atlas loaded ? They are a home while you are away from home and can be your own personal space to relax after a day of investigating all interesting things to do while you are visiting Morocco things .
Take a well-deserved vacation is something that we all really deserve , especially when economic times are hardest . We face additional constraints in a recession , but that does not mean with a little judicious economy, we can not even spend a few days in Marrakech riads .

Imagine being able to get out of the rat race , even for just a short weekend. That would make you a world of good to be a world apart in another time you drink in the peace and beauty of Marrakech riads .

50 things you need to know about Marrakech

50 things you need to know about Marrakech

The city of Marrakech in Morocco is truly among the most bewitching Middle Eastern metropolitan areas that I have visited so far. Once you arrive in this beautiful exotic Moroccan city , you will soon find plenty of reasons to stay for several days or weeks . From its friendly locals, mouth - watering local cuisines, breathtaking palaces , mosques and madrasas to the wide selection of products and goodies offered in the famous souks of the city, Marrakech is indeed a major destination for travelers who want to experience a unique and fun getaway trip.

Now, if you 're staying in this exciting Moroccan city , but have little information about the city , I have listed below 50 things you need to know about Marrakech that can help you in your preparations and plans travel .


1 . The city of Marrakech in Morocco is also widely regarded as the "Red City " or " Al Hamra ".

2 . It is located in the southwest region of Morocco , just below the Atlas .

3 . The name of the city is said to have originated the Berber word "Wall " and " akuch " , which means " Land of God " .

4 . Like other cities in the Middle East , Marrakech also has two major divisions: the old town , also known as the old and the modern city, which has two main districts namely Gueliz (modern European district of the city ) and Hivernage .

5. The medina of the city has 27 neighborhood while the modern city 11.

6 . Marrakech, founded around 1060 by the Berber Almoravids , is one of the four imperial cities. It became the capital of an Islamic empire that existed in the center of Spain to West Africa .

7 . During the reign of Moulay Ismail , the city was the capital of Morocco . However, the capital was reduced to Marrakech Meknes by the grand-son of Ismail .

8 . Although Marrakech is known to be an Islamic city, in a male-dominated society, it is still one of the most liberal in the Middle East Muslim cities .

9 . The early French influences of the city are visible in the Art Deco shopping center which is located in the modern part of Marrakech. The most important French heritage is the use of educated Moroccan inhabitants of the French language .

10 . More than two million people in the city of Marrakech is mainly original Beber .

Getting there

11 . Note that the Marrakech-Menara International Airport is about four miles southwest of the city. Casablanca , another Moroccan city also has a number of direct international flights to Marrakech.

12 . In the airport, various facilities , including ATMs , snack bars , restaurants , general stores, duty free shops, and tourist information offices are available to meet the needs of travelers.

13. City transport is also available. Remember that bus 11 will go directly to the city of Medina . The program of the bus , however, is quite unpredictable . You can try using phones taxi found in the departure and arrival lounges, or you can take taxis near the area of ​​the bus stop.

14. Before each trip , it is best to go on an agreed price with the driver because there are many con taxi drivers who benefit foreigners.

15 . Do not expect to turn a happy , hassle in the city of Marrakech roads are characterized by heavy traffic and label the bad road most taxi riders .

16. The city also has no self general troubleshooting .

17. Most rental cars , however, details of emergency on board troubleshooting .

18 . One of the best options for you to travel through most beautiful cities in Morocco riding the railway ONCF State. Despite limited railway services , it is strongly recommended to travelers for its safety, convenience and affordable rates .

19. You can also visit the city of Grand taxis are old Mercedes cars that can accommodate up to six passengers . They are faster transport modes in relation to city bus . Specific routes to the bus station from the Jemaa el- Fna Square and the train station to the city of La Poste Gueliz . Another alternative to the bus is the moped or bicycle. While cycling in the city can be fun, it can also be dangerous because of the horrible traffic and road etiquette drive some taxi drivers .

20 . Also note that most of the city roads are too narrow for cars. If you intend to rent a car , it is advisable to park the car in a safe place inside the city.


21. District of the medina of Marrakech offers great variations fine hotels , motels discount, riads and small inns .

22. Most expensive hotels found in the medina offer excellent facilities, first-class restaurants , and other hosting services installation .

23. In the modern city, however, the environment is quiet and most hotels offer services such as mid-range packages breakfast , showers, etc.

24 . If you are an adventurous hiker with a limited travel budget , the newly opened Backpackers Hostel, which is only a few minutes walk from the town square , is the best accommodation option for you to consider . The place offers a fantastic roof terrace, hot showers, and guest kitchens.

25 . Travelers on a budget can also find excellent choice of accommodation in the alleys and streets of the Jemaa El Fna , for they are packed with comfortable and clean hotels that offer reasonable room rate .

26. Top cheap hotels in the city are Smara Hotel, Essaouira Hotel Imouzzer .

27. Apart from hotels and youth hostels beautiful city , Marrakech is also home to many housing Riad .

28. Riads are large old houses in the city converted into hotels , inns and restaurants.

29. While rates are more expensive riads are wonderful places to stay to get a better idea of life in Marrakech.

30 . Remember that it is always better to be early accommodation reservations. Great hotels in Marrakech are usually full , especially during the high season.

Attractions and Food

31. Marrakech offers medrassas beautiful , mosques, zaouïas , synagogues, museums, city walls , the souk districts , gardens , parks , palaces and squares.

32. The famous Jemaa El Fna is usually the main highlight of the city. At night , the place is packed with dancers, musicians and storytellers who never fail to entertain travelers and locals alike.

33. Souk district of the city, which is near the place is a paradise for bargain shoppers . In this market, you can find and buy almost anything from tea pots , jalabas , shoes, bags , clothes, fabrics caftans .

34. Once on the market , make sure to negotiate for some goodies that you plan to buy , trading is expected to souks. Also remember that prices vary on an hourly or daily basis , depending on the number of products sold in the day or in the period of hours .

35. Must-see attractions in the city include the Majorelle Gardens, Museum Dar Si Said Youssef Madrasa , the Palais El Bahia and El Badi Palace , and of course, the Koutoubia Mosque.

36. Besides the activities of yoga, you can also try Steam . In Marrakech, there are two types of Steam : Steam is one of tourism, where you can enjoy being cleaned and pampered by a Hammam experienced staff , and the other is the popular hammam, where the inhabitants of Marrakech budget travelers usually go.

37. As for food , Town Square offers lines of food stalls offering delicious local dishes and attractive . It is a common misconception , however, that stands on the site are there to serve tourists. The food stalls in Marrakech were established long before the city was transformed into a popular destination.

38. While local dishes in the food stalls are usually edible and delicious, some specialties , including local snails and goat heads , perhaps too extreme for Western tastes . You should also watch out for salad dishes , for they can still cause diarrhea for those with weak stomachs .

39 . Food prices offered in the pits also vary. You can spend 10 dirhams for small portions still delicious and about 100 dirhams for three courses .

40 . Never miss the tea offered food stalls and restaurants in Marrakech. Ginseng , ginger , cinnamon and tea are the most welcoming and delicious, among other variants of tea.

Travel Tips

41. The best time to go to Marrakech in spring and late autumn . You must understand that the weather in Morocco is quite extreme, especially the summer season from July to August

42. The duration of your stay in Marrakech depends on things you want to do when you get to the city. Three to four days is sufficient if you do want to visit the city, but one or two weeks is recommended if you plan explorations and excursions.

43 . If your trip is during the summer , do not forget to bring a hat or umbrella when you go around the city. Also do not forget to book a room that has air conditioning.

44 . Once you are in Marrakech , you will see how friendly with tourists most Moroccans , especially store owners .

45 . However, there are still locals who like to take advantage of travelers visiting the city.

46. In the souk districts of the city, note that some sellers may be too aggressive on their pricing.

47. Do not buy a product or property without negotiating a lower price.

48 . Note that the majority of sellers souk able to speak several languages ​​, so do not be surprised if you hear locals converse in French , Spanish, Arabic and English.

49. Never trust hobos offering city guides . Most of these city guides are unnecessary and will simply annoying require a lot of money on your part.

50 . If you're on your first trip to Marrakech, go directly to the medina and start exploring the city. Just like any other tourist first-timer , you will surely get lost . If you do however get lost , do not panic. Take your time familiarizing inside the city and just politely ask for directions. It's just how it goes for first time travelers to explore the city.

50 choses que vous devez savoir sur Marrakech

50 choses que vous devez savoir sur Marrakech

La ville de Marrakech au Maroc est vraiment parmi les plus envoûtantes Moyen régions métropolitaines de l'Est que j'ai visités jusqu'ici. Une fois que vous arrivez dans cette belle ville marocaine exotiques , vous allez bientôt trouver beaucoup de raisons de rester pendant plusieurs jours , voire des semaines. A partir de ses habitants chaleureux, de bouche - arrosage des cuisines locales , des palais à couper le souffle , des mosquées et des madrasas de la large choix de produits et de nombreux goodies offerts dans les célèbres souks de la ville , Marrakech est en effet une destination incontournable pour les voyageurs qui veulent faire l'expérience d'un escapade de voyage unique et amusante .

Maintenant, si vous envisagez d'aller à cette ville marocaine excitant, mais avez peu d'informations sur la ville , j'ai énuméré ci-dessous 50 choses que vous devez savoir sur Marrakech qui peuvent vous aider dans vos préparatifs et les plans de voyage .


1 . La ville de Marrakech au Maroc est également largement considéré comme la «ville rouge » ou le « Al Hamra » .

2 . Il est situé au sud-ouest de la région du Maroc , juste en dessous de l'Atlas.

3 . Le nom de la ville est dit être originaire des mots berbères " Mur " et " akuch » , qui signifie « Terre de Dieu " .

4 . Tout comme d'autres villes du Moyen-Orient , Marrakech dispose également de deux grandes divisions : la vieille ville , aussi appelé la médina et la ville moderne, qui dispose de deux principaux districts à savoir le Gueliz ( le quartier européen moderne de la ville ) et le quartier de l'Hivernage .

5 . La médina de la ville a 27 quartier tandis que la ville moderne a 11.

6 . Marrakech , fondée vers 1060 par les Almoravides berbères , est l'une des quatre villes impériales du pays. Elle devint la capitale d'un empire islamique qui régnait dans le centre de l'Espagne à l'Afrique occidentale .

7 . Pendant le règne de Moulay Ismail , la ville était la capitale du Maroc . Toutefois, le capital a été ramené à Marrakech de Meknès par le petit-fils d'Ismail .

8 . Bien que Marrakech est connue pour être une ville islamique , dans une société dominée par les hommes , il est toujours l'une des villes musulmanes les plus libéraux du Moyen-Orient.

9 . Les influences françaises au début de la ville sont visibles dans le centre commercial Art Déco qui est situé dans la partie moderne de Marrakech. L'héritage français le plus important est l'utilisation des instruits habitants marocains de la langue française .

10 . Plus de deux millions d'habitants de la ville de Marrakech est principalement d'origine Beber .

S'y rendre

11 . Notez que l'aéroport international de Marrakech- Menara est à environ quatre miles au sud-ouest de la ville. Casablanca , une autre ville marocaine , a également un certain nombre de vols internationaux directs à destination de Marrakech .

12. Dans l'aéroport , diverses installations , y compris les distributeurs automatiques de billets , snack-bars , restaurants , magasins généraux , des boutiques duty free , des informations touristiques et les bureaux de poste sont disponibles pour répondre aux besoins des voyageurs.

13 . Transport de la ville est également disponible. Rappelez-vous que bus 11 va aller directement à la médina de la ville. Le programme du bus , cependant, est tout à fait imprévisible . Vous pouvez essayer d'utiliser les téléphones de taxi trouvés dans le départ et salons d'arrivée , ou vous pouvez prendre des taxis à proximité de la zone d' arrêt de bus.

14. Avant chaque départ , il est préférable de monter sur un prix convenu avec le pilote car il ya beaucoup de con chauffeurs de taxi qui profitent aux étrangers .

15. Ne vous attendez pas à un joyeux tour, sans tracas dans la ville, les routes de Marrakech sont caractérisées par un trafic chargé et l'étiquette de la route méchant de la plupart des coureurs de taxi.

16. La ville possède également aucune auto dépannage général.

17. La plupart des voitures louées , cependant, ont des détails de dépannage d'urgence à bord .

18. Une des meilleures options pour vous de voyager à travers plus belles villes du Maroc surfe sur la voie ferrée de l'Etat ONCF . Malgré services limités du chemin de fer , il est fortement recommandé aux voyageurs pour sa sécurité , la commodité et des tarifs abordables.

19. Vous pouvez également consulter la ville de Grand- taxis , qui sont vieilles voitures Mercedes pouvant accueillir jusqu'à six passagers . Ce sont des modes de transport plus rapide par rapport aux bus de la ville. Itinéraires spécifiques de la station de bus de la place Jemaa -el- Fna et de la gare à la ville de La Poste à Guéliz . Une autre alternative au bus est le cyclomoteur ou la bicyclette. Bien que le vélo dans la ville peut être amusant, il peut aussi être dangereux à cause de la circulation routière et horrible étiquette de conduire de certains chauffeurs de taxi .

20 . A noter également que la plupart des routes de la ville sont trop étroites pour les voitures . Si vous avez l'intention de louer une voiture , il est conseillé de garer l'auto dans un endroit sûr à l'intérieur de la ville.


21 . Quartier de la médina de Marrakech offre de grandes variations de beaux hôtels , des motels d'escompte , Riads, et les petites auberges.

22 . Hôtels les plus chers trouvés dans la médina offrent d'excellentes installations , des restaurants de première classe, et d'autres services d'hébergement de montage.

23 . Dans la ville moderne, cependant, l'environnement est plus calme et la plupart des hôtels offrent des services de milieu de gamme comme les paquets de petit déjeuner , des douches, etc

24. Si vous êtes un randonneur aventureux avec un budget de voyage limité , le nouvellement ouvert Backpackers Hostel, qui est à seulement quelques minutes à pied de la place de la ville , est la meilleure option d'hébergement pour vous d'envisager . L'endroit offre un toit-terrasse fantastique , douches chaudes, et cuisines invité .

25. Les voyageurs soucieux de leur budget peuvent aussi trouver d'excellents choix d'hébergement dans les ruelles et les rues de la place Jema El Fna , pour ceux-ci sont emballés avec des hôtels confortables et propres qui offrent des taux raisonnable de la chambre .

26 . Top hôtels pas chers de la ville sont Smara Hôtel , Hôtel Essaouira et Hôtel Imouzzer .

27 . Mis à part les hôtels et les auberges de jeunesse beaux de la ville, Marrakech est aussi le foyer de nombreux logements Riad .

28 . Riads sont grandes maisons anciennes dans la ville transformés en hôtels , auberges et restaurants.

29 . Alors que les taux sont plus chers, Riads sont des endroits merveilleux où séjourner à obtenir une meilleure idée de la vie à Marrakech.

30 . Rappelez-vous qu'il est toujours préférable d'avoir des réserves d'hébergement précoce. Formidable hôtels à Marrakech sont généralement complets , en particulier pendant la haute saison.

Attractions et de l'Alimentation

31 . Marrakech offre medrassas magnifiques , des mosquées, zaouïas , des synagogues, des musées, des murs de la ville , les districts souk , des jardins , des parcs , des palais et des places.

32 . La célèbre place Jamaâ El Fna est généralement le principal fait marquant de la ville. La nuit, la place est emballé avec des danseurs , des musiciens et des conteurs qui ne manquent jamais de divertir les voyageurs et les habitants du quartier .

33 . Quartier souk de la ville, qui est près de la place , est le paradis pour les acheteurs de négocier . Dans ce marché , vous pouvez trouver et acheter à peu près n'importe quoi à partir de pots de thé, jalabas , chaussures, sacs, vêtements, tissus pour caftans .

34 . Une fois sur le marché , assurez-vous de négocier pour quelque goodies que vous envisagez d'acheter , de négociation est prévu à des souks. Rappelez-vous aussi que les prix varient sur ​​une base horaire ou quotidienne , selon le nombre de produits vendus dans la journée ou dans la période d'heures .

35. Attractions incontournables de la ville incluent les Jardins Majorelle , le Musée Dar Si Said , Youssef madrasa , le Palais El Bahia et le palais El Badi , et bien sûr, la mosquée Koutoubia.

36 . Outre les activités de yoga , vous pouvez également essayer les Hammams . A Marrakech, il ya deux types de Hammams : l'un est le Hammam de tourisme , où vous pouvez profiter d'être nettoyée et choyé par un personnel expérimenté Hammam , et l'autre est le hammam populaire, où les habitants de Marrakech et voyageurs à petit budget vont habituellement .

37 . Quant à la nourriture , la ville Square propose des lignes de stands de nourriture qui propose de délicieux plats locaux et séduisant . C'est une idée fausse répandue , cependant, que des stands sur la place sont là pour servir les touristes . Les stands de nourriture à Marrakech ont été établis bien avant la ville s'est transformé en une destination populaire.

38 . Alors que les plats locaux servis dans les stands de nourriture sont généralement comestible et délicieux, quelques spécialités , notamment les escargots locaux et les chefs de chèvre , peut-être trop extrême pour le goût des Occidentaux . Vous devez aussi faire attention pour les plats de salade, pour ceux-ci peuvent toujours causer de la diarrhée pour ceux qui ont l'estomac est faible .

39 . Les prix des aliments offerts dans les stands varient également. Vous pouvez dépenser 10 dirhams pour les petites portions encore délicieux et environ 100 dirhams pour trois plats .

40. Ne jamais manquer le thé offert aux stands de nourriture et de restaurants à Marrakech . Le ginseng , le gingembre, la cannelle et le thé sont les plus accueillants et délicieux , entre autres variantes de thé .

Conseils de voyage

41 . Le meilleur moment pour aller à Marrakech est au printemps et à l'automne en retard. Vous devez comprendre que les conditions météorologiques au Maroc est assez extrême , surtout la saison estivale à partir Juillet à Août.

42 . La durée de votre séjour à Marrakech dépend des choses que vous voulez faire quand vous arrivez à la ville. Trois à quatre jours sont suffisants si vous ne voulez visiter la ville, mais une ou deux semaines est recommandée si vous prévoyez des explorations et des excursions.

43 . Si votre voyage est pendant la saison estivale , ne pas oublier d'apporter un chapeau ou un parapluie quand vous allez autour de la ville . Aussi n'oubliez pas de réserver une chambre qui dispose d'air conditionné .

44. Une fois que vous êtes à Marrakech, vous verrez combien aimables avec les touristes plupart des Marocains sont , en particulier les propriétaires de magasins .

45 . Cependant , il ya encore des gens du coin qui aiment prendre l'avantage sur les voyageurs visitant la ville.

46 . Dans les quartiers de souk de la ville, prendre note que certains vendeurs sont parfois trop agressif sur leur tarification.

47 . Ne pas acheter un produit ou un bien sans négociation pour un prix moindre.

48 . Notez que la majorité des vendeurs souk savoir parler plusieurs langues étrangères , alors ne soyez pas surpris si vous entendez des gens du pays converser en français, espagnol , arabe et anglais.

49. Ne faites jamais confiance hobos offrant des guides de la ville. La plupart de ces guides de la ville sont inutiles et seront simplement agaçante exiger beaucoup d'argent de votre part.

50 . Si vous êtes sur votre premier voyage à Marrakech, aller directement à la médina et commencer à explorer la ville. Tout comme n'importe quel autre first-timer touristique , vous allez sûrement vous perdre . Si vous ne vous perdez cependant , ne paniquez pas. Prenez votre temps familiarisant à l'intérieur de la ville et demander poliment juste pour les directions. C'est juste comment ça se passe pour les voyageurs première fois en explorant la ville .

discover Marrakech

discover Marrakech

As the world buzzed around in the two squares stories below me and I sat sipping a mint tea super soft on the roof of a cafe in the center of Marrakech in Morocco.

Reflecting on a wonderful tour of 10 days , I realized that I had just had one of the best vacations I've ever taken.

From Glasgow , me and three friends had flown first in London and then connected to Casablanca before taking a flight on short final in Marrakech. At the airport of Marrakech, the heat hit us like a wall as we walked down the tarmac.

For safety, we were greeted by our guide who organized our luggage to be taken care of and came up with transport to take us to our hotel. We did not go directly to the hotel though. Our guide decided to take us directly to the extremely exciting Djemaa el- Fna . It was dark in Marrakech and it seemed like the whole city had gathered at the famous for the evening. As the minibus slightly towards the penultimate dressed and masked individuals we look to the snake charmers, storytellers and groups of people hanging out . The place was half-covered tables with grills and outdoor cafes cooking any number of strange and exotic dishes, wonderful aromas floating through the open windows of the minibus.

Unfortunately, that night , we did not stop at the place and instead were taken out of the 4 star hotel we were in. The hotel was beautiful with a mosaic fountain and pool in the lobby and exquisite rooms .

Outside the doors of my room was a beautiful pool area with bar. I had asked if it would be possible to get a beer in a predominantly Muslim country , although it was .

Throughout our week , we were escorted around the ruins of the royal palace , let loose in the souks behind the site ( which we reviewed several times) and had a very memorable trip to the Atlas Mountains , just hour drive from Marrakech.

Mountain trip began with a drive to a mountain market that seemed a million miles away from the tourist -oriented center of Marrakech. The stench of some of the meat for sale on non-refrigerated shelves was overwhelming. Our guide has closely followed the procedures and provided his own advice and translation when we were interacting with a stall - holder .

Further up the mountain on a dirt road looking decidedly dodgy we arrived at the village of Imlil in the shadow of the highest peak in Morocco , Toubkal . Here we met a mountain guide who personally knew one of my friends in Scotland. We drank tea with the villagers before returning to Marrakech.

There were many other tours and meals were memorable and I sat in the coffee room for the last time, I felt really sorry to be going home . Morocco had made ​​a deep and lasting impression on me and I could not wait to book another trip and head back to explore more of this fascinating part of Africa .

Découvrir Marrakech

Découvrir Marrakech

Alors que le monde a bourdonné autour dans les deux carrés histoires en dessous de moi je me suis assis et sirotant un thé à la menthe super- douce sur le toit d'un café au centre de Marrakech au Maroc .

Revenant sur ​​un tour merveilleux durée de 10 jours, j'ai réalisé que je venais d'avoir l'une des meilleures vacances que j'ai jamais prises .

Au départ de Glasgow , moi et trois amis avaient volé abord à Londres puis connecté à Casablanca avant de prendre un vol en courte finale à Marrakech. A l'aéroport de Marrakech , la chaleur nous a frappés comme un mur que nous sommes entrés vers le bas sur le tarmac.

À la sécurité, nous avons été accueillis par notre guide qui a organisé nos bagages pour être pris en charge et est venu avec le transport pour nous emmener à notre hôtel. Nous ne sommes pas allés directement à l'hôtel cependant . Notre guide a choisi de nous emmener directement à l' extrêmement excitant Djemaa el -Fna . La nuit était tombée à Marrakech et il semblait que toute la ville s'étaient rassemblés dans la célèbre place pour la soirée. Comme le minibus a légèrement vers l'avant dernière individus vêtus et cagoulés nous regardions sur sur les charmeurs de serpents , conteurs et groupes de personnes qui traînaient . La place était à moitié couvert de tables avec des grillades en plein air et cafés cuisson n'importe quel nombre de plats étranges et exotiques , les arômes merveilleux qui flottait à travers les fenêtres ouvertes du minibus.

Malheureusement, ce soir-là , nous ne s'arrête pas à la place et ont plutôt été emmené hors de l'hôtel 4 étoiles nous étions po L'hôtel était magnifique avec une fontaine en mosaïque et une piscine dans le hall et exquis chambres.

En dehors des portes-fenêtres de ma chambre était une zone magnifique piscine avec bar. J'avais déjà demandé s'il serait possible d'obtenir une bière dans un pays à majorité musulmane , bien qu'il était.

Tout au long de notre semaine, nous avons été escortés ruines autour du palais royal , laisser perdre dans les souks derrière la place ( qui nous avons revu plusieurs fois ) et a eu un voyage très mémorable dans les montagnes de l'Atlas , à quelques heures de route de Marrakech.

Le voyage de montagne a commencé avec un lecteur à un marché de montagne qui semblait un million de miles du centre orienté touristique de Marrakech. La puanteur de la partie de la viande pour la vente sur les étals non réfrigérés était accablante . Notre guide a suivi de près sur les procédures et a fourni ses propres conseils et de traduction quand nous étions en interaction avec un porte- décrochage.

Plus haut sur la montagne sur un chemin de terre en regardant décidément louche nous sommes arrivés au village d'Imlil dans l'ombre du plus haut sommet du Maroc , le Toubkal . Ici, nous avons rencontré un guide de montagne qui connaissait personnellement un de mes amis en Ecosse. Nous buvions le thé avec les villageois avant de retourner à Marrakech.

Il y avait beaucoup d'autres excursions et repas qui ont été mémorable et que je me suis assis dans ce café de la place pour la dernière fois , je me sentais vraiment désolé d'être rentrer à la maison . Le Maroc avait fait une impression profonde et durable sur moi et je ne pouvais pas attendre pour réserver un autre voyage et tête en arrière pour découvrir plus de cette partie fascinante de l'Afrique.

À la recherche du meilleur Marrakech Hammam

À la recherche du meilleur Marrakech Hammam

La ville de Marrakech est considérée comme l'une des principales destinations touristiques au Maroc en raison des images, des sons , des restaurants , riads et toute une liste d' attractions qu'elle a à offrir. Pendant notre séjour , nous avons exploré la place de la ville avec ses charmeurs de serpents, des stands de nourriture , fait du shopping dans les souks et nous avons mangé dans un yacout merveilleux ainsi . Nous avons également conseillé de ne pas passer sur une expérience merveilleuse hammam qui nous a quittés à la recherche de la meilleure Marrakech hammam .

Un hammam est une maison de hammam traditionnel à Marrakech où les habitants pour nettoyer le corps , un massage , la relaxation ainsi que pour socialiser. La progression des étapes impliquées dans la prise d'un bain turc est tout à fait semblable à celle d'un sauna, mais il est plus comparable aux anciennes pratiques de baignade grecques et romaines . Nous étions fatigués de toute la marche et les visites que nous étions sûrs que nous pourrions utiliser un style de Marrakech massage pour revitaliser et restaurer notre énergie.

Il ya un certain nombre de Marrakech hammam qui offrent les services habituels, mais pourquoi se contenter de rien de moins que ce que le meilleur a à offrir ? On nous a donné beaucoup d'options à considérer dans notre recherche de la meilleure hammam que nous ne savions pas par où commencer . Nous avons réussi à réduire la liste à 3 des maisons de bain haut à visiter dans la région qui sont:

Les Bains de Marrakech :
Ce n'est pas votre hammam traditionnel typique, mais je vous assure que le niveau de service est le meilleur! Une des plus belles choses au sujet de cet endroit , c'est qu'ils ont un hammam duo et un service de massage pour les couples que d'autres établissements similaires n'offrent pas. Traditionnellement, les hammams ont des temps de bain séparées pour les hommes et les femmes qui est une coutume islamique acceptée et largement pratiquée .

L'endroit est absolument magnifique ! Il est magnifiquement conçu pour refléter l'excellence de l'architecture marocaine authentique . Nous avons passé une couple d'heures pour les rituels du bain habituelles qui comprenait la baignade , la détoxification dans le hammam , gommage et après un massage exceptionnellement apaisante d'une heure plus tard, nous avons été ramenés à la salle de relaxation et on m'a dit de rester aussi longtemps que nous avons aimé .

Hammam el Basha :
Populairement connue comme « la baignoire du Pacha, El Basha est considéré comme l'un des meilleurs et plus accessibles Marrakech hammam . Il est idéalement situé à seulement 10 minutes au nord de la place Djemaa el Fna qui en fait un endroit très populaire parmi les voyageurs et les habitants du quartier. l'endroit est immense et les services de massage sont totalement hors du commun!

Riad El Fenn :
C'est l'expérience du hammam de luxe ultime au confort de votre propre riad. Le spa du Riad El Fenn est facilement le meilleur hammam de luxe à Marrakech. C'est là que nous avons eu notre hébergement pour toute la durée de notre séjour au Maroc avec son hammam privé et un service de massage qui est quelque chose qu'ils sont fiers po

C'est un environnement beau et paisible avec très relaxant musique de fond et un personnel phénoménal qui sont prêts à prendre soin de tous vos besoins hammam . Ils offrent une variété de traitements de la peau et du corps tels que les enveloppements du corps et de l'aromathérapie ainsi que des massages incroyables avec des huiles parfumées dans les établissements superbement décorées . Avoir un massage Marrakech jamais senti aussi bien!

Ce ne sont que 3 des meilleurs hammams que nous avons rencontrés pendant nos vacances et nous avons tous deux s'accordent à dire que l'expérience a été exceptionnelle ! Nous sommes certainement impatients de visiter plusieurs d'entre eux pour obtenir notre part de massages les plus inoubliables Marrakech et hammam offre à nos futurs voyages au Maroc.

In search of the best Marrakech Hammam

In search of the best Marrakech Hammam

The city of Marrakech is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Morocco because of images, sounds, restaurants , riads and a list of attractions it has to offer. During our stay we explored the town square with its snake charmers , food stalls , went shopping in the souks and we ate in a wonderful yacout well . We also advised not to go on a wonderful experience hammam who left us in search of the best Marrakech hammam.

A hammam is a house of traditional hammam in Marrakech where locals to clean the body , massage , relaxation and to socialize. The progression of steps involved in taking a Turkish bath is quite similar to that of a sauna, but it is comparable to the old practices of Greek and Roman bathing . We were tired from all the walking and sightseeing we were sure we could use a style of Marrakech massage to revitalize and restore our energy.

There are a number of Marrakech hammam offering the usual services , but why settle for anything less than the best has to offer ? It gave us a lot of options to consider in our search for the best steam that we did not know where to start. We managed to narrow the list to three bath houses up to visit in the area are :

Les Bains de Marrakech
This is not your typical traditional hammam , but I assure you that the level of service is the best ! One of the nicest things about this place is that they have a duo hammam and massage service for couples similar institutions do not offer. Traditionally, steam bath time have separate sections for men and women is an Islamic custom accepted and widely practiced.

The place is absolutely beautiful! It is beautifully designed to reflect the excellence of authentic Moroccan architecture. We spent a couple of hours for the usual ritual bath that included swimming, detoxification in the hammam, scrub and exceptionally soothing massage after an hour later, we were brought back to the relaxation room and told me to stay as long as we liked .

Hammam el Basha :
Popularly known as " the bathtub Pacha , El Basha is considered one of the best and most accessible Marrakech hammam. It is ideally located just 10 minutes north of the Djemaa el Fna which makes it a very popular place among travelers and locals alike. the place is huge and massage services are completely out of the ordinary!

Riad El Fenn :
This is the hammam experience ultimate luxury comfort of your own riad. The spa at the Riad El Fenn is easily the best luxurious hammam in Marrakech. This is where we had our accommodation for the duration of our stay in Morocco with a private steam room and a massage service which is something they take pride in.

This is a beautiful and peaceful environment with very relaxing background music and a phenomenal staff who are willing to take care of all your needs steam . They offer a variety of skin treatments and body treatments such as body wraps and aromatherapy as well as incredible massages with scented in institutions beautifully decorated oils. Having a massage Marrakech never felt so good !

These are just three of the best hammams we met during our holiday and we both agree that the experience was exceptional ! We certainly look forward to visiting several of them to get us the most unforgettable massage and hammam Marrakech offers our future trips to Morocco .

Marrakech Tourisme: Sites et Attractions

Marrakech Tourisme: Sites et Attractions

Le Marrakech d'aujourd'hui bénéficie hôtels de charme , célébrité restaurants gérés chef et hammams luxe. Mais regardez derrière l'emballage fastueuse de son dynamisme contemporain et vous y trouverez le charme et le mystère de la ville d'origine intact. Cette grande ville est pided en deux parties, les vieux quartiers , connus sous le nom de la médina et la nouvelle ville appelée le Gueliz . Mettre la main sur un guide Marrakech, ou une carte si vous voulez, et passez à découvrir les merveilleuses expériences que la ville a à offrir.

Djemaa el Fna est le monument le plus célèbre de Marrakech. Il s'agit d'un grand espace ouvert au coeur de la ville où un vieux rituel quotidien se poursuit jusqu'à ce jour. Comme la journée s'écoule, les habitants et les visiteurs se rassemblent autour de la place pour regarder les vendeurs de jus d'orange font place à des guérisseurs et des artistes de henné tatouage qui à son tour se fondent dans l'obscurité pour permettre charmeurs de cobra , des astrologues et des acrobates à effectuer. Une fois qu'ils sont fait vous divertir , il est temps pour les danseurs et conteurs du ventre masculins pour commencer leurs épopées . La meilleure façon de profiter du divertissement assorti de la soirée est à votre siège auto à l'un des nombreux cafés qui bordent la place . Les grillades et salades cuites servis à ces 100 cafés bizarres sont frais et délicieux!

La Koutoubia est une tour de soixante-dix mètres de la mosquée Koutoubia, un point de repère qui domine toute la ville . Visible pour les miles , ce tour du 12ème siècle est à Marrakech ce que la Tour Eiffel est à Paris. La tour est ponctué de travaux de carrelage complexe et garni de trois orbes d'or . Beaucoup de visiteurs de l'utiliser pour circuler dans les rues labyrinthiques de la vieille ville .

Le Jardin Majorelle est facilement l' attraction la plus visitée du Maroc. Il a fallu français Jaques artiste Majorelle quarante ans de dévouement pour créer ce lieu enchanteur . Ce jardin botanique fortifiée , qui a appartenu à Yves Saint Laurent , offre une promenade magique en plein milieu de la ville, encore très loin d'elle . Promenade à travers un feuillage vert et fleurs exotiques placés artistiquement autour des étangs tapissée de mosaïques regorgeant de fleurs de lotus et de nénuphars . Éclaboussures de couleur bleue distinctive apparaissent dans tous les coins . Il ya aussi un bâtiment de style Art Déco charmant qui semble apparaître de nulle part .

Souks de Marrakech. Pour une première minuterie, les souks de Marrakech peuvent être assez écrasante . Il ya, cependant , un peu d'ordre dans tout ce chaos et une fois que vous obtenez vos roulements , vous n'allez pas vouloir quitter ce dédale labyrinthique de rues! Le meilleur moment pour visiter est tôt le matin si vous êtes à la recherche pour éviter la cohue , mais si vous êtes après de bonnes affaires puis allez vers la fin de la journée. C'est toute une expérience , chaque souk du nom du produit vendu là-bas, comme le souk des teinturiers , tapis souk , le souk de pantoufle et ainsi de suite . Ce marché est célèbre dans le monde entier comme l'un des endroits les plus exotiques de magasiner .

Les Tombeaux Saadiens . Découvert plus tard que le début du 20e siècle , ces tombes sont le lieu de sépulture d'origine des princes saadiens . Somptueusement décorés , ils donnent au visiteur un aperçu de la richesse de cette période de l'histoire du Maroc .

Le El Badi et les Palais Bahia . Le Palais El Badi a été réputé pour être l'un des plus beaux palaces du monde . En date d'aujourd'hui , il se trouve dans ses ruines , mais reste assez pour suggérer son ancienne grandeur . Construit au 16ème siècle , il a ensuite été pillé à un point tel que tout mobile a été enlevé! Le Palais Bahia , d'autre part , construite à la fin du 19ème siècle , a été récemment restauré à son ancienne gloire . Il est en contraste frappant avec la proximité de Palais El Badi . Seule une partie du palais est ouvert aux visiteurs , puisque la famille royale, il est toujours en résidence.

Après avoir vu tout ce spectacle , n'oubliez pas de rajeunir avec un nettoyage à la vapeur et un massage à l'huile de fleur d'oranger à la hammaam dôme le plus proche ! Ou tout simplement vous détendre dans le jardin de la Ménara un pique-nique et s'imprégner de l' essence magique de la "ville rouge " !

Marrakech Tourism: Sights and Attractions

Marrakech Tourism: Sights and Attractions

The Marrakech today boasts boutique hotels, celebrity chef restaurants and managed luxury hammams . But look behind the glitzy packaging contemporary dynamism and you will find the charm and mystery of the city unopened . This great city is pided into two parts, the old city, known as the medina and the new town called Gueliz . Get hold of a Marrakech guide or a map if you want, and go to discover the wonderful experiences that the city has to offer.

Djemaa el Fna is the most famous landmark of Marrakech. It is a large open heart of the city where an old daily ritual continues to this day space. As the day goes by, locals and visitors gather around the square to watch the sellers of orange juice make way for healers and henna tattoo artists , which in turn are based in the dark to allow cobra charmers , astrologers and acrobats to perform. Once they are made ​​fun , it's time for the dancers and storytellers male belly to start their epics. The best way to enjoy the match of the evening entertainment is at your seat at one of the many cafes that line the square . Cooked grills and salads served at the 100 odd cafes are fresh and delicious!

Koutoubia tower is seventy meters from the Koutoubia Mosque , a landmark that dominates the city. Visible for miles, turn of the 12th century is to Marrakech what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris . The tower is punctuated by complex tile work and topped with three gold orbs. Many visitors use to flow through the labyrinthine streets of the old city.

The Majorelle Garden is easily the most visited attraction of Morocco. It took French artist Jacques Majorelle forty years of dedication to create this enchanting place . This walled botanical garden, which belonged to Yves Saint Laurent , offers a magical walk in the middle of the city, yet far from it . Walk through green foliage and exotic flowers artistically placed around the mosaic-lined ponds full of lotus flowers and water lilies. Splash distinctive blue color appears in every corner. There is also an Art Deco building that seems charming appear out of nowhere .

Souks of Marrakech. For a first timer, the souks of Marrakech can be quite overwhelming. There are, however , some order in the chaos and once you get your bearings, you will not want to leave this labyrinthine maze of streets ! The best time to visit is early in the morning if you 're looking to avoid the rush , but if you 're after good business then go to the end of the day . It is an experience every souk name of the product sold there as the dyers souk , carpet souk , souk slipper and so on . This market is famous worldwide as one of the most exotic places to shop .

Saadian Tombs . Later discovered that the early 20th century, these tombs are the place of origin of the Saadian princes burial. Lavishly decorated , they give the visitor a glimpse of the richness of this period in the history of Morocco .

The Bahia and El Badi Palace. El Badi Palace was reputed to be one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. As of today , it is in its ruins , but still enough to suggest its former grandeur . Built in the 16th century , it was later looted to such an extent that any mobile was removed ! The Bahia Palace, on the other hand , built in the late 19th century , has recently been restored to its former glory. It is in stark contrast to the nearby El Badi Palace. Only a part of the palace is open to visitors , as the royal family , it is still in residence.

After seeing all this show, do not forget to rejuvenate with a steam cleaning and massage oil of orange blossom to the nearest hammaam dome ! Or simply relax in the garden of the Menara a picnic and soak up the magic of the "Red City " !

Discover the delights of Morocco on foot

Discover the delights of Morocco on foot

Exotic , magical and colorful is a way to summarize the image of Morocco - although it diversified in North Africa lends itself to many more vivid descriptions . Located close to the UK and yet seemingly a world apart , it is a truly fascinating place to visit. If it is a walking holiday in Morocco you are looking for you will not be disappointed , there are some beautiful routes on offer, you are right in the heart of the countryside and offers the ideal way to experience the culture and explore the history . For the best experience, it is advisable to book with a travel agency that uses experienced guides and can accommodate small groups.

Walking in Morocco find stroll through some of the most dynamic cities in the country , trekking across the Sahara sands and hiking in the Atlas Mountains . Whatever your fitness level or ability , there will be a walking holiday in Morocco to suit you.

Discover the magical heart

Most trips start in Marrakech, which offers a wonderful introduction to the exotic culture and fascinating traditions of the country is famous for. Beautiful architecture exceeds bustling streets , cafes nagging spread on the roadside , and the smell of spices, mint tea and the food is all around. Glittering jewels hanging in the windows while the carpet sellers display their wares in lavish displays of ground. The coffee is drunk in pots of gold and exquisite bags of nuts and fruits are sold on every corner.

The old part of the city of Marrakech is the imagination, with alleys leading to beautiful souks, street entertainers charm snakes and play music and

delicious snacks prepared in tiny street stalls . Djemaa el Fna is the place to go in the old town and this is the old city of Marrakech was once . Here, the Koutoubia mosque stands proudly in his understated magnificence ornamental windows and decorative arches looking down on a beautiful lighted garden and the minaret of the great mosque was the inspiration for the Giralda in Seville.

For a bit of peace and quiet , head of the Jardin Majorelle which also houses the Museum of Islamic Art . Here, there are many cactus, lily ponds and other outstanding botanical species. Marrakech , one of the best walking in Morocco is easily accessible. The High Atlas Mountains are nearby and the Ourika Valley is only 45 minutes by car. Famous for the seven waterfalls of Setti Fatma , the beautiful green valley of Ourika, with terraced fields and a river that sings, offers a distinct contrast to the rugged mountains that tower over Atlas . Along the Berber life prosperous valley and there are plenty of opportunity to visit traditional villages and enjoy the local culture. Here you get a real idea of ​​life typical country that is still so prevalent in these regions.

Walking in Morocco is the best way to really see the country. With so many excellent hiking trails , beautiful accommodation and fantastic scenery that will be an unforgettable experience.

Morocco Tours for Gay Travelers

Morocco Tours for Gay Travelers

Morocco is a Muslim country where same sex - sexual activity is prohibited. According to the recent law can be punished with anything from six moths to 3 years in prison and a fine of 120 to 1,200 dirhams. However, the Moroccan government rarely apply this law and homosexual activity is quite common, especially in large cities such as Casablanca and Agadir. But all this is kept behind closed doors. Please do not expect to have gay bars or nightclubs in Morocco. Today, there is no such thing!

The relationship set in Morocco between man / woman is modeled very differently and in Western countries. The family is the center of life in Morocco, it is not surprising that each sex has certain expectations that are associated with children Education.

Despite all Morocco is worth visiting for gays and lesbians. There is no reason to fear travel to Morocco whatever your sexual orientation. It only shows that the conscience and discretion is advised while on holiday in Morocco. To avoid potential problems, gay travelers may want to consider traveling in Morocco as part of a tour group travel, adapted toured Morocco or plan their trip with the help of Morocco company responsible tour operator in planning a holiday in Morocco. It can be free to earn your place in the culture, while reducing the likelihood of committing mistake or worse stress.

Morocco Holidays should not be avoided by gay travel, it must be taken with discretion, care and keep in mind .......

Morocco Travel: Top Places to stay

Morocco Travel: Top Places to stay

A North African country flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. Characterized by a mix of religions and languages ​​of ancient culture and modern sensibilities, this country is a fascinating country full of majestic natural beauty. With cheap flights to Morocco are available online throughout the year, thousands of travelers reach the coasts of the world to explore the unexplored facets of this country. It is not surprising that the hospitality and tourism infrastructure of the country has experienced unprecedented growth over the last decade. When in Morocco, travelers do not have to worry about finding the best and most luxurious accommodation options in the form of hotels, resorts and apartments scattered all over the country. Search the Internet to find the best deals that you book your flights along with a hotel for maximum bang for your buck. Here are some of the best hotels in Morocco that offer travelers an unforgettable stay in the most luxurious and the best services and facilities.

One of the most popular and sought after accommodation option in Morocco, La Mamounia was built in the year 1923, the. Gently mix the Moorish and Art Deco style that was so popular in Hollywood, it is up to its reputation as one of the finest luxury hotels in the world. Built way back in 1879, the Palais Jamai is one of the landmark hotels in Fez. Maintaining the innate greatness of the ancient palace, the hotel also has a newly renovated section comprising an international restaurant, a French restaurant and a piano bar. Book a room or the Royal Suite with a cheap flight to Morocco and learn to live like royalty without breaking your bank.

Casablanca is the hottest Moroccan destination that boasts luxury class hotels and ultra-complex world characterized by the most beautiful and exquisite architecture. Discover the most elegant Royal Mansour Meridien, which is located in the heart of the city. Accommodate a large number of business and leisure, this hotel has hosted many international conferences and events of great importance. Beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and the Bay of Tangier, Hotel El Minzah is famous worldwide for its beautiful views, luxurious accommodations and exotic architecture. Stay at this affordable for a day exploring the famous Moroccan hospitality and warmth. No discussion on Moroccan luxury hotels would be incomplete without a mention of the Melia Al Madina Salam Hotel in Agadir. Perfectly ancient Arabic architecture with lush vegetation, it is sure to delight all garden lovers. Add to that a nightclub, a swimming pool and several world-class restaurants and you have a hosting option that will surely make your vacation a delightful experience in Morocco. When booked online with cheap flights, the case will surely feel like a great deal! ......

Hiking Morocco - Know before you go At It

Hiking Morocco - Know before you go At It

Morocco has more recently been "discovered" by foreign: Westerners, the politically correct term, includes all those who come from outside. Namely, however, these Westerners come from all the countries of Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Although the cards are increasingly available, most of the "tracks" are simple mule, walking or caravan routes of yesteryear. One of the best and most effective ways to do some hiking in the backcountry on your own in Morocco is to hire a tour operator Morocco. These handy in the country (of course), tour operators know the best way to travel to Morocco.

Although mules and guides can be hired to perform these loads, you should try to be in relatively good hiking / walking / trekking / tramping shape for hiking or trekking in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco (c is the same for the Middle Atlas Mountains, too). The ups and downs of mountain hiking quality should be expected. Depending on the route you take, for example, you place around 1700 to over 2000 meters. If you're planning to hike Mount Toubkal, then your ride will take you well beyond 3000 and 4000 meters.

Trekkers more to come Morocco Mount Toubkal altitude wait. Although it may be impossible for some to acclimatize before coming to Morocco, it is not really necessary to do so. If you have signs of altitude sickness, you will soon know it-head pain, difficulty breathing, weakness, dizziness and muscle cramps (give or take a few of these disadvantages). In any case, down a couple of hundred meters, all the pain will disappear. Trekkers over Morocco are very good (and acclimated) just after spending the night in the Neltner Hut (hut base camp) on Mount Toubkal.

The Atlas Mountains of Morocco are generally tourist from July to September. With longer hours, sunny, pleasant camping, no snow, little rainfall and temperatures much lower than word Chefchaouen, Fez or Marrakech, the High Atlas offers a refuge for thousands of day, overnight and multi- day-hikers. However, it is wise to beware of flash floods and storms, especially in the valley of Bougmez. Try not descend into the gorge when you are certain that there is no storm on the horizon. In addition, trekking in Morocco requires a good mental restraint against madness while fighting against flies, mosquitoes, knats, dust, heat, sun and dried organs.

If you choose to go hiking or trekking in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco during the colder months, it may be wise to start and finish earlier. Dawn and dusk end early. This may require cold and cold frosty nights filled with uprisings. Mountain guides most Morocco, too, do not go above certain altitudes or if you want a pic peaks during the winter months. Although there are several other options available, with beautiful bottom rails, as in the Mgoun should take into account the weather and prepare for the worst conditions and colder. If you expect to have mules carry your burdens, make sure it is not during harvest seasons or plow. It can be almost impossible to find someone willing to donate their families agriculture "machine."

If you plan more than a day hike across Morocco, it is wise to always pack the essentials. Notwithstanding the fact that you could score a mule, you will need to bring sleeping bag, sleeping mat, rain gear, clothes, first aid kit, snacks, bottled water, a sweater, walking sticks , the filter device of the water and a hat. Usually mountain guides most Morocco provide a tent. Make sure to ask your Morocco tour operator prior to departure if you need to either rent or buy or put a tent. Once you have your party the Morocco hiking, you will have no means to acquire one of these necessities. Your hiking Morocco will be better the more you know before you go.

Morocco is open to the influx of tourists, visitors and hikers alike. Contact your knowledgeable and friendly tour operator in Morocco country for the best deals and necessary before you get to it in Morocco preparations ....

Casablanca - Heart of Morocco

Casablanca - Heart of Morocco

About Casablanca:

Casablanca is the largest cosmopolitan city of Morocco and is considered the economic capital. An amazing city with great architecture and modern lifestyle attracts tourists from around the world. Casablanca is very famous for the film of the same name released in 1942, which won three Oscars. Morocco is home to many French and Spanish residents and because of its high level of education, teachers, technicians and more retirees migrate to Morocco. Casablanca is a thriving city and is an ideal place for U.S. investors and for those dealing with exports and the largest man-made port in the world.

Hassan II Mosque:

Casablanca is home to the third largest mosque Hassan II Mosque. It is the largest mosque in Morocco designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau. This magnificent mosque has a capacity to accommodate more than 150,000 followers and is composed of the highest minaret in the world. Also known as the Hassan II Mosque, is the main tourist attraction and thousands of tourists from all over the world book their flights to Casablanca, just to see the mosque.

The Corniche

To the west of the mosque Hassan II, you can visit an area of ​​the ocean known as the Corniche. It is home to many fast food chains in the West as well as a movie theater western style. One can also find numerous cafes overlooking the ocean, offering a delicious coffee and delicious desserts.

Shopper's paradise:

It is an ideal place for lovers of shopping, you can find many leather goods, fabrics and all the fancy accessories. There are many premium brands, offering products of high scale such as leather shoes, belts, bags and shirts mode. designer glasses are very stylish and are available in all affordable. Art lovers can buy the famous pottery of Morocco, which are very colorful and attractive. While Morocco is famous for its various olives, many stores specialize only in the sale of olives.

Food and hotels

Casablanca has a wide range of restaurants and hotels, including La Cigale, Benis Patisserie La Corrida, YoSushi and much more. The Spanish food delights Arab gourmands from around the world enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies of the city. There is a large availability of housing in the city. If we seek accommodation that come in their budget then they should check in Hotel Terminus, Hotel Central and Ajiad Casablanca. Includes other lavish hotels, Sheraton Casablanca Hotel, Novotel Casablanca City Center and Hyatt Regency Casablanca.


Casablanca is quite famous for its nightlife, although it is not as successful - it has mixed reviews. The clubs are bars are often crowded with men and it becomes uncomfortable for women. Despite the fact that most clubs are dominated by men, women (with a little research) can find many clubs that have great places to drink and jam. Pubs are bars such as La Bodega and Kasbar that are very popular in Casablanca.

Traveling around the city of Casablanca is not a difficult thing to do, you can rent a car or traveling on a bus would be a great way to explore the city. Casablanca is a holiday destination due to its exotic destinations and offerings. With the increase in tourism, many airlines offer cheap flights to Casablanca - Morocco holiday are simply amazing .......

Adventure Tours in Morocco - 7 destinations in Morocco, Can I bet you can not name

Adventure Tours in Morocco - 7 destinations in Morocco, Can I bet you can not name

Exotic Morocco is a mysterious land that you can ever meet. The Sahara Desert across the High Atlas Mountains, which is the backbone of the country, the exotic Morocco is as unfathomable as the Atlantic Ocean washes the western coast. But what do we really know about Morocco?

How nomads roaming the desert? Is Berbers who live in the mountains and the people who practice their profession in the souks? How many destinations in Morocco can you name? I found places I had never heard of until I was on an adventure trip to Morocco.

Yes, I had been before and Fes (or Fez), Casablanca, the Atlas and the market town of Marrakech were all familiar to me. But these destinations in Morocco were not! I bet you can not name them before you read. (No take a look!)

The imperial city of Meknes, once the home of one of the greatest rulers of Morocco.
The Roman site of Volubilis.
Merzouga in the Sahara Desert is the Altas Mountains
The vast impressive dunes of Erg Chebbi
The imposing Todra Gorge one of the greatest natural wonders of Morocco.
The oasis town of Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou collection contains the best preserved Kasbah in Morocco.
Berber town of Taroudant and the Sultan's Palace restored in the city walls.
I bet you know more destinations in Morocco that you made a few minutes ago! So maybe you did not know and I lost the bet. You win, well done! One thing is certain, reading tours in Morocco makes me want to return .......

Morocco - The African Connection

Morocco - The African Connection

When people think of Morocco, the first thing that comes to mind for many of them are deserts and good food, however, is only the tip of the iceberg where African safari packages to Morocco are concerned. The Moroccan landscape is largely mixed and offers a beautifully rugged playground for adventure enthusiasts. This does not mean that Morocco does not provide the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, good food for which he is famous can be enjoyed in the many hotels and resorts that dot the coast. When it comes to the African holiday accommodation Morocco provides some of the best on the continent, it is the ideal holiday destination for most types of people looking for African safari packages or just a nice place to relax and explore a culture.

Whether it's a hot air balloonride serene desert or a 4x4 adventure in the Atlas mountains or simply relax in the Kasbah in Casablanca with a plate of local tagine, you can be sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. Adventure holidays in Morocco have become a popular choice for those in the United Kingdom in search of safari packages in Africa because of its proximity to Europe yet the culture and very different climate.

The Sahara desert bordering Morocco offers an endless amount of adventure as well as create more relaxing time passing memory activities. Few people can resist the romance of a camel ride in the desert, to recreate this experience Laurence Arabia. A journey through the desert on a camel in a traditional camping, where you can enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine and camp under the stars is perhaps the best way to discover the true hospitality and Moroccan culture. Holiday in Africa does not come more authentic than that.

If you want something to get the heart, which then packs canyoning in the Ourika Valley could be just what you need. Canyoning involves rappelling steep gorges of the valley of the Ourika River and it is not dry river bed. It is an inspiring experience still get the adrenaline and fear should not be taken lightly. Morocco's climate lends itself to a day splashing in the river and were drenched by waterfalls. If you are looking for an adventure in Africa, the trip can not be more unique or exciting than that.

Otherwise, for an adventure with a difference try a 4x4 tour of the mountain range of the Atlas. This historic mountain range has played an important role in the myths and legends of the ancient world. It was believed that the world rested on the shoulders of the god Atlas, the mountains, it was believed, was that the world rested. Driving along the steep mountain roads can be an experience of bone rattling.

For something as rattling bones, but slightly damp, you can try rafting in the river is Ourika or Ahansal river. Nothing will make your African safari holiday package adrenaline adventure to remember quite like a day of shooting in the rapids of a fast flowing river. Morocco is certainly one of the jewels of Africa, travel in this incredible country and you end up with memories that will last a lifetime .......