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Major Tourist Resorts In Morocco

For now, Morocco remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, however there are some spots on the tourist map that are particularly well served for visitors.

Agadir: Morocco’s Number 1 Tourist Resort

Situated towards the south of Morocco on the Atlantic coast, Agadir boasts 9 Km of superb white sandy beach and all the amenities of a modern seaside resort.

Agadir boasts 300 days of hot sunshine, which is also especially prominent in winter months. Here you can find many five star hotels and a huge supply of hotel beds, reputedly a quarter of the total in Morocco.

Initially, there seems little sign of the rich history and tradition to be found in other Moroccan cities, although if you search it out, you will find it within the depths of the town. This is largely due to an unprecedented earthquake that shook Agadir in 1961. It has now been re-modelled as a popular package holiday destination, as well as a major fishing port.

Once dubbed the Miami of Morocco, Agadir offers a wide range of activities – along the beach, camel rides, parascending, scooters and speed boats, as well as horse riding, tennis and an 18-hole golf course.

Nightlife in Agadir is typically European in style, being the number one tourist resort in Morocco. Moroccans see this as fantastic, compared to the lack of night clubs in most Moroccan towns. Most dicos and clubs form part of hotels, but normally welcome outside guests. Unfortunately, Moroccan girls do not usually frequent night clubs unless they are out working.

Agadir offers the latest laser light show technology in many of its clubs. Casinos at Club Valtur and the Sheraton Starwoods Hotel are very popular. Caf