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Morocco Travel: Top Places to Stay

A North African country flanked by Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is fast gaining popularity as one of the most sought aftertravel destinations in the world. Characterized by a cocktail of religions and languages, ancient culture and modern sensibilities, this country is a fascinating land replete with majestic natural beauty. With cheap flights to Morocco being available online all through the year, thousands of travelers reach its coasts from around the world to explore the yet unexplored facets of this country. It’s no surprise that the hospitality and tourism infrastructure of the country has witnessed an unparalleled growth since the last decade or so. When in Morocco, travelers need not worry about finding the best and most luxurious of accommodation options in the form of hotels, resorts and apartments that dot every corner of the country. Research the Internet to find the best deals as you book your cheap flights along with a hotel to get maximum bang for your buck. Here are some of the best Morocco hotels that provide travelers with an unforgettable stay amidst the most luxurious surroundings and best of services and facilities.

One of the most popular and sought after accommodation option in Morocco, the Hotel La Mamounia was built in the year 1923. Delicately blending the Moorish and Art Deco design that was so popular in the Hollywood, this one lives up to its reputation of being one of the finest luxury hotels in the world. Built way back in 1879, the Palais Jamai is one of the landmark hotels in Fez. Retaining the innate grandeur of the original palace, this hotel also boasts of a newly renovated section comprising of international restaurant, a French restaurant and a piano bar. Book a room or the Royal Suite along with your cheap flight to Morocco and get to live like the kings without breaking your bank.
Casablanca is the hottest Moroccan destination that boasts of ultra luxurious and world classhotels and resorts characterized by the most beautiful and exquisite architecture. Check out the most elegant Royal Mansour Meridien that is located right in the heart of the city. Welcoming a slew of both business and leisure travelers, this hotel has hosted several international events and conferences of great importance. Beautifully located on a hill top and overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar and the Bay of Tangier, the El Minzah Hotel is renowned the world over for its beautiful views, luxurious rooms and exotic architecture. Stay at this modestly priced hotel for a day to experience the famed Moroccan hospitality and warmth. No discussion about Moroccan luxury hotels would be incomplete without a mention of the Melia Al Madina Salam Hotel in Agadir. Perfectly blending the old Arabian architecture with lush landscaping, this one is sure to delight every garden lover. Add to it a discotheque, a swimming pool and several world class restaurants and you have an accommodation option that will surely make your vacation in Morocco a delightful experience. When booked online along with a cheap flight, the deal will surely feel like a steal!