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The Marrakech medina: and buying babouches at the slipper souk

The Marrakech medina: and buying babouches at the slipper souk

Wouldn’t it be lovely, really, wouldn’t it be lovely to wear pajamas the whole day……..? And wouldn't it be equally lovely to simply wear slippers all the time? Why then life would be rather like one big pajama party, wouldn’t it? 
(Sigh, let’s face it, the blogging girl was simply trying to rationalize why she so often found herself in Marrakech’s slipper souk, known as the souk de babouches. At this rate, it might just be easier for her to set up a small cot nearby.)

Slippers 3
Slipper 5
Slippers 2
Slipper 4
Slipper 6
PS Many thanks for all the comments on my Marrakech magazine articles! So sweet:)
"My Marrakesh: Marrakesh." 12 Oct. 2008 .

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Citadel of Chellah Gardens in Rabat, Morocco

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Marrakech: and Thomas Cook City Spots Guidebook
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Marrakech: and Thomas Cook City Spots GuidebookMarrakech: and Zara Home tribulations
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Marrakech: and Zara Home tribulations
The blogging girl slipped through the doors of the new Zara Home in downtownMarrakech. She was instantly surrounded by pretty ethnic chic, with bold pops of color. She made her way through the aisles, stroking a coverlet here, admiring a glass vase there. Everything so enticing.

Morocco is a very fascinating place of travel and vacation. It is a perfect place for nature lovers as well as architecture and history enthusiasts. The landscapes, monuments, historical sites, architecture, ruins, desert, beaches, and even its markets are welcome attractions to be explored that would appeal to any tourist. Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco and is also known as the ‘Garden City’. Rabatis a mixture of the old and new, a traditional city but also a modern one. Rabat is known for its bedecked alleys, beautiful white houses, and beaches. Chellah Rabat is said to be the first place to be settled along Bou Regreg river around the third century BC. Rabat is also home to many impressive monuments and other attractions and one of these attractions is the beautiful Citadel of Chellah Gardens. It is beautifully landscaped with various flowers that bloom during springtime and fills the place with its wonderful scent. Its sanctuary was used as royal burial place and its entrance door is magnificently decorated and inscribed with Arabesque calligraphy. Chellah Rabat experienced a very strong earthquake during the 18th century which destroyed many of its structures from ancient Morocco. What used to be a thriving city and port, Chellah is now a major tourist attraction and is converted to a lush and beautiful garden.

"Travel and Vacation Abodes: Citadel of Chellah Gardens in Rabat, Morocco." 2 Nov. 2008 .
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Eeek! She had had a book published!
Oh my, that pseudo-Moroccan girl clearly was prone to exaggeration. She most definitely had not had a book published. But she had updated a guidebook on Marrakech: Thomas Cook City Spots, to be exact. She was told it was on the book stands on this very day. And she assumed that her name was in tiny letters somewhere inside.
In addition to oodles of phone and address confirmations, highlights of the guide book updating process included:
* Testing home made ice creams in ice cream parlors. Demanding second tastes just to make absolutely sure of quality. Putting only her most favorite in the guidebook.
* Loitering in gorgeous riad guesthouses, pretending to be a potential guest, meanwhile stealthily taking undercover notes
* Spending ridiculous sums of money while updating the shopping section. Rationalizing the purchase of approximately 63 pairs of Moroccan sequined leather slippers. Sigh.
* Sneakily slipping in a few of her own photos. (shhh....don't tell the publishers!)
* Observing whether the snake charmers on Jemma el-Fnaa square were truly able to charm the snakes or whether the snakes had a skeptical look in their eyes.
Needless to say, it was arduous, and it was harrowing, and the blogging girl barely made it out alive. But it was all for the good of her beloved new homeland. (Isn't this when the national anthem is supposed to start playing in the background?)
"My Marrakesh: Marrakesh." 12 Oct. 2008 .
On her way down the marble stairs, a large and perfect image loomed before her. She reached into her bag and pulled out her camera. Click, click.
Stop! Cried a voice.
She looked down the stairs. A burly security guard glared up at her.
No photos allowed! Erase them from your camera immediately! He said, in a not-so-nice voice.
But I want to post them on my website to encourage people to visit Zara Home, she protested.
I repeat, erase those photos immediately! He shouted, threatening.
They wound up before the check out counter where a slight girl who looked no older than 22, listened to the security guard, shrugged her shoulders in a woebegone way, and said nothing.
The blogging girl slid her camera back into her purse. Then, she looked defiantly at the security guard, and she marched out the store....
PS See more Moroccan-influenced Zara Home photos right here at Sandman Chronicles. (He is one of the sweetest bloggers around, too.)
P.P.S. For Peacock Pavilions three vintage Saarinen tables like the ones in these images were purchased from the Italian Cultural Attache in Marrakech a few months back. Another story for another time...
"My Marrakesh: Marrakesh." 12 Oct. 2008 .

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morocco couture men

Riccardo Tisci's Moroccan theme for the Men's Spring 2010 collection carried over to the Fall 2009 Haute Couture collection, which showed yesterday in Paris. In both collections, North African prints and heavy metal hardware dominated. It's likely we'll see some remnants of the Moroccan theme in Tisci's Spring 2010 women's ready-to-wear range, which will be revealed late this summer at Paris Fashion Week.

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Surfing Morocco Extra Activities

Paradise Valley: “One of the best days of my life!”

Experience more than Surfing in Morocco at Surf Star

Surf Star Morocco offers you more than just a Surf Campand Surf School Morocco.

Our Surf Holidays Morocco are filled with extra activities and cultural experiences; showing you the real Morocco.

surf holiday morocco extra paradise valley
They type of smiling faces you get on an
 unforgettable surfing holiday in morocco visiting 
paradise valley

Surf Holiday Morocco Extra Activities: Paradise Valley in the Atlas Mountains

Everyone who has experienced Paradise Valley say that this Surf Camp Morocco extra activities is a must do! Paradise valley is a place of indescribable natural beauty and peacefulness. Surf Star is nearby the valley just
a 30min drive away from the tranquil Berbere Atlas Mountains. We try to take all our guests here to experience a magical natural paradise. With glistening opal waters to swim in, date palms to shelter from the sun and delicious tagine lunches; it really is paradise valley! Our owner, as well as some of our safe knowledgeable surf guides is from the valley so you are in for a real treat and a true travel experience of “the real Morocco”. Much more than Surfing in Morocco at paradise valley you will see another side to Morocco many never experience!
cliff jumpling paradise valley
khalid our surf coach and paradise 
valley guide taking the leap on the 
paradise valley surf holiday morocco day out

Take a break from surfing Morocco and explore a magical paradise!

The name Paradise Valley stems from an ill German couple who experienced the mysterious healing qualities of the valley which was said to cure them from serious illnesses. The breathtakingly picturesque Atlas
Mountains of Paradise Valley truly are hard to describe! Why not experience more than just a Surf School Morocco? With Surf Star’s guides we take you places that maybe the other travel companies don’t go. Enjoy the trip with surf star guides who know Paradise Valley very well as one of our founders are actually from the valley’s Berbere village!
Experience paradise on your surf holiday morocco
much more than a surf camp morocco – at surf star
 we aim to show you the real morocco

“One of the best days of my life!” Mirinda, Surfing Morocco Extra Activities, Paradise Valley.

surf camp morocco extra activities paradise valley
a chill day from surfing morocco – experience
 paradise! relaxing after a tagine in the mountains
Those who want to relax in the peace, taking a break from the surfing in taghazout morocco can take in the fresh air and beautiful mountain views. You can listen to the calming tranquil waters and bask in the sunshine. At the same time, more adventurous types can explore the river side mountain walks, with a little rock climbing and; for those brave enough; some awesome cliff jumping!
surf in morocco holiday extras
the peaceful and beautiful paradise valley – a 
welcomed break when surfing in morocco

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surfing in Morocco

Loving Life!

What a wonderful week we’ve had here surfing in Morocco with Surf Star! It’s been magical at the surf camp with amazing people, a full week of surf lessons, yoga, chill outs in the sun and parties!

Some great waves this week surfing Morocco:

We’ve had a lot of fun on the beach enjoying the sun, chilling out and messing around this week!

We also had an amazing night out last night with dinner and dancing to the full moon! 

Julian caught the biggest wave of his life with Surf Star this week, which was a great moment for everyone!  Nice one Julian! :)

Join us surfing in Morocco for an experience you won’t forget! Sweet waves, fun in the sun, a yoga retreat and great company with surfstarmorocco! See you soon! Happy surfing!! :)
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Surf Trip Morocco

Surf Trip Morocco
Location: Not far from the famous surf spots Anchor Point, Killer Point and Boilers, Tamraght is a Moroccan Berbere Surf village directly on the coast of South Morocco's strip of surf spots and sandy beaches. 5 mins from Taghazout town, Tamraght offers a relaxed atmosphere with beach front cafes and friendly locals. In just a 5/10 minute walk from Surf Star's Surf Camp you can surf over 3 surf spots. With glorious sunshine and an Endless coastline of Surf Spots Morocco offers fantastic waves for beginner to advanced level surfers. Welcome to Surf Star Morocco - Surf Camp and Surf School. For your Surf Holidays, Surf Yoga Retreats and Surf getaways, escape to Magical Morocco to experience the epic surf spots, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the stunning scenery. Experience incredible extras such as trips to the nearby Atlas Mountains where you can walk through lush date palms and natural swimming pools. Come to Tamraght Morocco with your friends and experience the vibrant culture of Morocco, its famous good food, friendly hospitality, and drink Moroccan mint tea with your friends. Be our Guest at Surf Star Morocco. Let yourself unwind with the tranquil green waves, the beautiful Atlas Mountains and the friendly local people in Morocco's Surfing Mecca.

Surf course: As Tamraght and Taghazout offer a coastline of Surf Spots, our Surf team carefully select the best surf spots to take the surf school to each morning. Taghazout Plage also known as Crocodiles Beach locally is where most of our surf lessons take place. The locals call this crocodiles after the giant crocodile shape you can see in the land of Taghazout. It is here where most of our surf lessons take place, and is conveniently a 5 min walk from the Surf Camp. Taghazout Plage offers fantastic conditions for learning how to surf or improving your surf skills. All Surf Instructors are certified by Surfing Great Britain or the Moroccan Association of Surfing, and our surf school is approved by the Moroccan Surfing Association. Groups are maximum eight students, so surf coaches can give everyone a great amount of attention and tuition. We offer surfboard and wetsuit rental as well as a surf guiding package for those who want to surf as many surf spots as they can.

Surf guiding: Our surf guiding trips are offered daily and provide surf transport, lunch as well as local, qualified and experienced surf guides. With priceless local knowledge surf guides show you a range of surf spots in the area and the group selects the spots they'd like to surf. You will be surprised how many undiscovered surf spots there are in Morocco offering top-class uncrowded waves. Come and discover the Moroccan Surf secrets with our local and experienced Moroccan surf guides.

Accommodations: You can choose from a selection of accommodations. From the most popular Surf Camp Packages to the private self-catering surf apartments and high end luxury accommodations of Killer Point La Source. Surf Star's Surf Camp offers comfortable shared rooms (mostly doubles) all with private toilet/showers. All surf camp rooms overlook a small swimming pool and there is also a bar available. You'll find everything you need just as you are at home. Free Wi-Fi, delicious Moroccan meals, and a 180degree ocean view terrace is offered. Yoga classes specified to Surfers are open to all guests and take place on the surf camp terrace.

Full Packages: In the morning you can wake up to an optional early morning surf yoga session on the terrace before enjoying a tasty buffet style breakfast laid out around the pool and garden area. You can then pack for the day and make your way opposite the surf camp to the surf school where our surf coaches will take you surfing or adventuring on day trips. Lunches are provided either as beach picnics or as tasty Tagines or fish BBQs (veggie options too). After a day in the Surf or experiencing Morocco, you are then free to explore the area, maybe take another sunset yoga class, or have a beer and hang out with friends around the pool. After a delicious 3 course evening meal at the surf camp, nights are relaxed but social and excursions to Agadir to sample the nightlife and party hard are also on offer.

Getting there: Morocco is surprisingly close to Europe and easy to get to. Flights to Agadir from London can be extremely inexpensive and take just 3hours. You can arrive at the surf camp with ease as airport transfers from Agadir take just 30/40mins. If arriving to Marrakech, cheap coach tickets can be purchased and the journey takes around 3.5hours.

We look forward to welcoming you to the fantastic Surf in Morocco at Surf Star. Hope to see you soon in 2012! For more info or to make a booking enquiry use the online contact form!
Car Hire Morocco
Car hire per day: 30
Driving in Morocco is great fun; you can take a surf trip along all the surf spots north or south from us or check out other places Morocco has to offer. Car, Scooter and Minibus Hire are all available from reputable, local & registered hire companies.
Please mention that you’d like to hire transport on your booking/contact form

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Amazing Fire Party! in morocco

Surf Star had one of the best spontaneous bonfire parties of this winter last night!! After a brilliant and exhausting day of surfing in Morocco, with beginners having lessons and more advanced surfershaving guiding, we decided to chill out on the beach and watched the sunset, which was amazing.

It got a little colder so we decided to make a little Morocco surf star fire with wood we could find on the beach:

Before we knew it lots of people had started to join us, bringing us more wood and lots of amazing instruments!  There were bongos, jambe drums and even a home-made didgeridoo!

So we nipped home and grabbed some dinner and ingredients to make traditional Moroccan winter tea on the fire and headed back out to spend the rest of the evening making amazing music and drinking tea.

It rounded off our day of surfing perfectly and we had some of our favourite moments of 2013 so far! Come join us at Surf Star Morocco to join in the fun for your own Morocco Surf Holidays or Surf Yoga Retreat! 
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PARADISE VALLEY – Surf Holiday Extra Activities

PARADISE VALLEY – Surf Holiday Extra Activities

Atlas Mountains - Surf Holidays Morocco

Experience the REAL Morocco!

More than just Surfing in Morocco, this beautiful country is famous for its magical hidden gems. Paradise Valley in the Atlas Mountains is one of them, and some of our team are from this beatuiful Berbere area in the Atlas Mountains! For an indescribale Surf Holiday extra take this tour!
Paradise Valley Walking Tour through the Atlas Mountains with natural swimming pools, cliff jumps, and depending on the time of year; Waterfalls. The day includes a Surf Star guide/s, transport and a tagine lunch in the mountain: 400MAD / 40Euros / £30 per person per day
morocco culture,moroccan food,morocco food,moroccan cuisine,morocco beaches,moroccan meal,beaches in morocco,moroccan culture,hercules cave,hercules cave morocco

Surf Yoga Morocco

Surf Yoga Morocco

Unique Active Surf Yoga Retreats ~ What’s included?

yoga and surfing in morocco7 nights x Surf Camp Riad accommodation with continental
breakfast in ensuite shared room (most rooms are twins) 5 mins walk to the surf beach
6 x 3 course dinners at the Surf Camp
6 or 12 x Yoga sessions (see prices)
6 x Full Day Surf Star Surf Course for Beginner/Intermediate
surfers including surf lesson, transport, lunch picnic or tagine, umbrellas, water and supervision all day
Small swimming pool at the Surf Camp Riad
Free Wi-Fi and computer use
Agadir airport/city transfers


Surf Yoga Retreat with 12 Yoga Lessons: 6000MAD/550Euros/£440/$680us per person per week
Surf Yoga Retreat with 6 Yoga Lessons: 5500MAD/500Euros/£410/$625us per person per week

~ Retreat to a Magical culture…Yoga in Morocco

surf yoga retreatsAt Surf Star, we are passionate about Surfing and Yoga. Combined, we aim to create a balancing, enjoyable and active yoga retreat! We are not a traditional Yoga Retreat. We encourage our guests to do what they like to do on holiday! You can drink wine and beer from the surf camp bar, or have a healthy and active yoga retreat, it’s up to you to choose from day to day. We want you to feel at home, relaxed and happy to feel total balance!
Find harmony and balance with our daily Surf Yoga sessions. Practice Yoga in one of the most magical cultures in the world. With natural unspoilt beauty, a vibrant culture and the serenity of the ocean, a surf yoga retreat at surf star is a great choice!
Contact Info For Yoga in MoroccoFeel alive, healthy and happy as you explore a mixture of Vinyasa flow, surf specific’s, and ashtanga hatha styles. With a mix of incredible weather, amazing surf camp accommodation and delicious meals, you’re in for an amazin surf yoga experience!

surf yoga retreats moroccoSurf Yoga in Morocco

Experience a week of Surfing and Yoga in Morocco. Bringing Yoga and Surfing together creates a well-balanced, clear and healthy outlook to life – a perfect Yoga getaway! This is why Yoga at Surf Star Morocco is offered 6 days a week. Unlike other Surf Yoga Holidays; with us you can enjoy culture, good company and beautiful Moroccan sunsets.
Energize and Relax with Yoga Sessions for Surfers in Morocco. Let your worries melt away as you feel balanced, focused and healthy.
Whether you want to do as much yoga as possible, relax by the pool, or surfing till the sun goes down; at Surf Star there’s something for everyone! Our Surf Yoga sessions, taught by Lucie, aim to increase flexibility, core-strength, balance and focus. Whether you’re new to Yoga or have an established practice, Yoga sessions can greatly improve your surfing fitness as well as reducing muscular aches and pains. Join in the fun with this week long Surf Yoga Retreat in Morocco.

The Surf Yoga Retreat Accommodation

yoga and surf campSurf Yoga Morocco Riad

Stay in a Surf and Yoga Riad 5 mins walk from the beach in a small traditional yet tourist friendly quiet Berbere Village Tamraght. Enjoy ensuite accommodation (mainly in twin rooms) overlooking the swimming pool. Enjoy a lovely breakfast and a really delicious evening meal at the riad each day as well as a picnic at the beach each afternoon. Here you can enjoy a bar and lounge around the small pretty swimming pool as you enjoy the beautiful Moroccan sunshine. Nearby you can stroll to cafes overlooking the surf and a fantastic hammam/massage/beauty salon to experience the famous Moroccan argan oil treatments.

Book Your Surf Yoga Retreat in Morocco!

Yoga in MoroccoOur teacher has taught thousands of surfers how to do Yoga, including world professionals. We have a down-to-earth approach and are passionate, experienced and qualified.
It’s a great atmosphere for everyone to join in. Sessions are located in the studio, on the terrace overlooking the ocean or pool, or at the beach at sunset.morocco culture,moroccan food,morocco food,moroccan cuisine,morocco beaches,moroccan meal,beaches in morocco,moroccan culture,hercules cave,hercules cave morocco