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Cheap African Vacations

The words Cheap Africa Vacations don’t really make sense, so why did you search under these three words?

If you think about it logically, the word ‘cheap’ has come to mean poor quality, when really what you want is quality that is inexpensive!!

The question now is, do you know anything that is cheap, but is good quality, so don’t think you can get Cheap Africa vacations that are also high quality!!

The next point is Africa – you need to be more specific – after all Africa is a very large continent, with huge differences in scenery, climate, and cultures, so where in Africa do you rally want to take a cheap vacation?

Consider this – Africa takes in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, all different in themselves, but vastly different to Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, which are themselves different to South Africa.

We must add to this list, the offshore islands of Zanzibar, and perhaps The Seychelles, and Mauritius, although it would be easy to argue they belong to The Indian Ocean, and wouldn’t qualify as somewhere to go for a Cheap Africa Vacation.

Finally from the three words Cheap Africa Vacations, we must take the word ‘Vacation’.

What does a vacation mean to you, because the success or failure of your hard earned break depends entirely on your family unit all being happy with the same kind of vacation.

You may think a safari would be amazing, but how do you feel about tents, creepy crawlies? Do you want to spend time looking at ancient treasures and tombs?

Are you basically a bone idle beach bum, at your happiest with a good book and a cool refreshing glass? How about the noise, and smell and adventure of the ‘souk’ with lots of hassle and excitement? Is sophistication necessary for enjoyment?

Be in no doubt the continent of Africa offers a great variety of vacation opportunities.

From Egypt on the northeastern coast to the game reserves of Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, there is something for everybody. The most popular tourist areas are those bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the northeastern coast, such as Tunisia, and Morocco, then the islands of the Seychelles.

An area of increasing popularity in South Africa is a wine tour. At the opposite end of the continent several thousand miles away, Egypt is home to countless antiquities. A visit to Africa should be made with great care, as it is too large to tackle in one trip. You need to focus on a region and allow enough time to adequately see that area of the continent.