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Purchases Morocco, Shopping in Morocco is a unique experience.

Purchases Morocco

Shopping in Morocco is a unique experience. No visit to Morocco would be complete without visiting a medina in one of the cities like Fez , Marrakech and Meknes.

Souks (markets) can be found in many cities in Morocco , but the largest cities and large shopping areas are located in Marrakech and Fez . Everyday life in the ancient walls of the medina of Fez and Marrakech have not changed since centuries ago . There are small shops and stalls where people will haggle with a glass of mint tea gently ( national drink of Morocco ) . Veiled women walk the narrow and craftsmen designs of books on the brass and the echoes of the life passages reverberate through the market .

In Marrakech, in the heart of the shopping experience happens to Jemaa El Fna . In this square there are artists and many sites that had all the way into the evening. There are snake charmers, who watersellers brass cups hanging from their chest and many stalls fresh orange juice with one of the tastiest orange juice you'll ever try. Behind the square , you can find the souk , with miles of winding paths , where you can find a wide variety of goods.

Specialized in the souk are devoted to fabrics, spices, meats , brass and ironwork , clothing and other goods. The souk of meat, with its outdoor screens goat heads , feet and sheep live chickens , is best known in the morning, before the heat of the day turns the fault of the sometimes stagnant air .

Moroccan rugs

One of the greatest experiences souk is to visit a carpet or rug merchant . Expect to spend half a day in the store and take a glass after glass of mint tea on the negotiations one of the best products in Morocco.

The prices of carpets are usually half of what you will pay in the United Kingdom and arrangements can be made with merchants for shipping and delivery must be included in the negotiated price .

Berber carpet :

Berber carpets are the most famous type of carpet that you can buy in Morocco. These are usually made by hand, with the naturally dyed wool. The colors range from bright and gay in faded . Some Berber carpets are older and some are antiques.

Carpet Fez :

Fez carpets are densely knotted , excellent quality , with designs extremely complex. Fez carpets are the most expensive carpet that you can buy in Morocco kind . Fez carpets will always have a label indicating the quality .

kilims :

Kilims are beautiful rugs that are much cheaper to buy . They are usually made from wool or silk or a combination of both. They make great wall hangings .

Fine Leather Goods

Fine leather is sold in the souks throughout Morocco, however, the best choice is certainly found in Fez. Fez is home to a large tannery , one of the most photographed of Africa and major tourist attractions sites. The leather produced in the tannery is one of the best in the region . If you are looking for something to buy, you can buy leather camel toys (about 2-4 € ) , handbags (5 € +) and slippers ( soft leather slippers ) for ( approximately € 2-20 ) . These are the most popular items sold in the store leather tannery in Fez.

traditional Dress

Another great experience shopping in the souk is the clothing store. " Kaftans " ( the traditional dress of women) and " jilbab " ( a garment of long man with a deep hood ) are available in a range of different styles. The range of materials polyester silk and prices can start at £ 10 and go up to about £ 500 for an extra special moment.

Do not forget to include a visit to the souks of your Imperical visit cities Morocco where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for people back home .

Follow the trail through the Berber villages of the Atlas mountain , sleeping in tents of the Sahara Desert and traditional riads , explore imperial cities , munch couscous in the souqs , and take it easy on the beaches of Agadir . We will help you build your own adventure in Morocco.