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As the fashion trends of size

As the fashion trends of size

Trends in jewelry

fashion trends for the larger sizes are entering another outstanding season for fancy jewelry and accessories . Bracelets are back , lots of them , mixing and matching metals, widths and textures, with or without precious stones. When stacking , be an odd number.

Medallions are another hot spot, with crests, initials or symbols for men and women. Wear them as pins, tie clips and more.

And then there are cufflinks. Men and women make a proclamation of fashion with cufflinks - and wear for work and play. Assign a French cuff shirt (large now for both sexes ) with jeans , moccasins luxury and fun pair of cufflinks fake gemstones for a fashion-forward look .

color Trends

Greener is also visible in the fashion and design in the coming months . Green seems to be the beginning of a long cycle, according to the Association of the colors of America . The eco- movement is certainly a big part of it .

Fashion designers have begun to move away from lime, which is considered as younger and less upscale , for shades of green very leafy , deep green moss and olives. The different colors are the new neutral . The underlying is that green is becoming more upscale .

Other natural colors especially organic colors " such as jasmine , orange , basil and grapes also dominate the trend. Teal, amber and amethyst are the important colors with olivine and green used as neutrals. Pair of yellow gray for a bold statement.

Chocolate is the 'in' fashion color this year in clothing . While basic black can never be replaced , deep, chocolate brown tones are coming near . Think 80% cocoa chocolate bars . Designers see the soft and romantic color. Precious stones and even dark brown beads are visible in the final pieces .

Looks other way

Silhouettes of measures, including body- conscious dresses and pointy shoulders are back and are perfect for plus sizes . For this look try high waist pants cinched with a belt or trousers with wide leg measurement tropical wool crepe blouse with a sheer organza layered over a high silk lingerie. Cardigans and jackets stratification on the dresses is another version of the custom style .

Luminescence - as in a sequined cardigan that shimmers and shines - will be very popular with bold ethnic prints . Ikats or ikkats ( an Asian style of weaving that uses primarily a reserve dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft before the son are woven to create a pattern or design ) in particular will be the head sewing ethnic fashion, with flat sandals with a Moroccan djellaba ( caftan ) to wear at home instead of a dress. So try some of these fabulous fashions, plus size and look great.