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A great night in Marrakech Yacout

A great night in Marrakech Yacout

Overnight in Marrakech Is An absolutely magical experience. At sunset and Darkness slips , You Feel Slowly All daytime noise Disappear From A lively city. As the lights come on , it Seems That the environment is changing and the night come alive WITH Activities Who reveal culture of this ancient city.

This IS The Best instant cast with a backpack and Discover Yacout Marrakech. A UN Yacout Is traditional Moroccan restaurant , which is famous flow Being beautiful Que AND A PLACE excellent flow itself deliver a gastronomic experience proportions. My husband and I Have The Pleasure had auditor ce wonderful restaurant the second night of our stay and I would say Que tones were BOTH VERY impressed !

Yacout Marrakech Is LOCATED IN A riad in the medina and a UN settlement stone's throw away from Bab Doukkala . While riding the taxi 's destination , the driver said Que tones used Yacout Please flow Being a private residence HAS BEEN SINCE fr existence for over 100 years . IL 18 years ago , he finally Summer renovated and changes in the Famous Restaurant undeniably it is today .

THEY Have we leave before June door without Being guarded by a man dressed in traditional jilbab . What have UNO Directed Yacout Marrakech would be difficult to Find reports on our own and it was a very good Quebec chose Knew pilot Or The place was . As the door was open we pour , we entered into in June reception area Where We Have Been greeted with a bow by the UN jilbab young man who told BNO to Follow to UN corridor and not spiral staircase Travers.

We soon found standing on We Are Who Yacout Marrakech Summer beautifully lit by the flickering and surrounded by potted orange lanterns. We Airplanes All UN Two glass of wine and just enjoy before we recruit . The view of the city lights was absolutely Marrakech Bottom So romantic and beautiful.

Few moments more Late on a June we brought to the room down casting Our dining room . We Have EU more wine until our meal and marvel at the spectacle Given by musicians dressed in traditional Moroccan Playing drums. Being as it was carried in The Time That We were really fascinated by the experience Yacout Marrakech.

Is our food finally arrived and flow of appetizers, served on a UN We assortment of salads and Traditional Moroccan cuisine Which included the strips marinated green peppers marinated in vinegar WITH pieces of candied lemon, sweet tomato chutney , Part of delicious black olives and Encore Plus. Pour the Second course THEY tones Surprised With A meal of chicken cooked with green olives Integer . We Have Summer, most surprising of Speed ​​WITH Our server boneless chicken meat Leaving us WITH IN June mouth watering spicy sauce . It IS certainly the UN 's Best dishes Yacout Marrakech !

Then Have tones had SOME WITH lamb tenderly cooked artichokes and peas WITH couscous. U.S. surprised the Way were not made ​​the portions were HUGE multi Are We What we asked if We Could Still A little place casting dessert! I describe comment delicious IN Restaurant just could Not Food EC .

The dessert was Yet Another surprise Who we expected. Have served UNO Summer WITH A stack of chips chopped hard as paper pulp sprinkled with milk sauce and ground , roasted , Part Of A kind Yacout Marrakech specialty almonds. Unfortunately, I forgot to EC requesting the boy he called Summer, But I loved you !

When in Marrakech and Looking to Have a great evening alone OR YOUR PARTNER remember consulter Yacout Marrakech Where You're Sure to Have an enchanting evening COMPLETED traditional Moroccan food and entertainment son Best !