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Discover the tribal culture of Africa

Discover the tribal culture of Africa

A trip round the world (RTW ) offers the chance to see different lifestyles and this is particularly evident in Africa. By category here you can take in the fantastic tribal culture which is linked to a very rewarding experience.

Amazing destinations can be found throughout Africa to integrate the continent into your travel plans around the world you can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the tribes that are thousands of years. This will certainly be the case if you are heading to South Africa. A range of tribes and ethnic groups living in the country, but visiting the province of KwaZulu -Natal , you will be able to get a glimpse of traditional Zulu culture .

Zulus are well known for wearing fur and animal skins as clothing , to see them is sure to prove a treat for the senses, you might even have the chance to take in a traditional warrior dance , which is linked a captivating show.

Otherwise, you may want to ensure that the tickets back to work you book provide the opportunity to observe the Maasai tribes of East Africa .

While Maasai people are in Tanzania , it may be a better idea to head to Kenya to live their culture because that is where the majority of the semi- nomadic tribe living .

Generally, the Masai are often extremely friendly and welcome tourists to their villages to live their culture and , in so doing, you can see their traditional brightly colored dresses - known as shuka name. Perhaps there is even a chance to see the famous adumu dance, sometimes called the " jumping dance ".

Visit the Amboseli National Park may be a particularly effective way to get an overview of the Maasai culture. Here you will find the Maasai Cultural Heritage Center where you can learn about the history of the tribe, as well as pick authentic handcrafted souvenirs and enjoy traditional African cuisine with spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro in the background .

Head to Morocco and you will be able to observe the ancient Berber traditions. The Berber tribe dates back hundreds of years and while they were scattered throughout North Africa , Morocco might be a good place to take their culture.

Traveling here , you can watch the traditional village music running - often with drums and flutes - usually accompanied with ahouach ahidus and dance.

You 'll also be able to see men and women wearing a jilbab - which is a long , loose, hooded garment - while for special occasions , the former often wear a fez hat.

With so many fantastic destinations located throughout Africa , you should find that you do not have to go far to attend the amazing tribal culture .