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About Moroccan Caftans
Moroccan Kaftans from designer fashion clothing, sexy and stylish, Moroccan caftans for Arabian princess gowns
 Creating Woman Kaftans is an ancient tradition where a group of Moroccan women gather around a table and bead elaborate patterns on exquisite fabrics where they express their artistry, intelligence and skills. thus developing unique simple or complex Moroccan Kaftans, mystique and sensual. With flowing fabrics on long dresses, rich colored fabric meant only to enhance the Moroccan woman's femininity. The modern Moroccan women Kaftans came a long way from that classic desert robes, Abaya and Djellaba (Jellaba). They are being designed by world known designers in Paris, whose creations is more audacious, more modern, lighter, and impressively European. The Moroccan Caftans still keep their sexy appeal traditional with their embroidery and shimmering colors,. but the actual tailoring is much more contemporary as a highly original outfits .

Moroccan Silk Brocade kaftans
Moroccan Caftan, Kaftan, Vintage caftanGold moroccan wedding kaftan
The Moroccan silk brocade Kaftan is a stunning Moroccan ceremonial Kaftan traditionally worn as a ceremonial Moroccan wedding dress, these Caftans take well over a month to be created and embroidered by hand on semi-sheer metallic silk brocade in shades of gold and stitched silver. A brocade Moroccan caftan or Jellaba glints in the light and changes hue, it moves. Every seam is edged in hand embroidered gold trim and it gracefully closes between the breasts with small knotted ball buttons with loops. Silk brocade Moroccan Kaftans are a delight to wear and  rich in appearance.

How to wear a Moroccan Kaftan the modern way; at home for lounging, over your best La Perla, over a bikini on the beach, casually over a pair of jeans, or to go to the Opera over fancy pants.

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