Native Plants & Animals of Morocco

Native Plants & Animals of Morocco

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Despite the harsh desert climate, Morocco boasts hundreds of species of plants and animals.
The geographical terrain of Morocco is one of the most grueling in the world during the heat of the day as it is mostly desert. Despite this, Morocco is home to many species of plants and animals. The majority of these plants and animals have adapted to the terrain and have become excellent at utilizing what little water is available to them.
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Native Plants
Morocco is home to a variety of plant species. Its geographical location and unusual desert and mountain terrain give rise to many different types of flora. There is an estimated 4,979 different types of plant taxa in Morocco. Nine major families that include more than 100 species each make up 60 percent of Morocco's flora. The genus Silene is the most diverse Moroccan flora---containing more than 69 species. Other important Moroccan families include Asteraceae, Poaceae, Fabaceae, and Caryophyllaceae.

Land Mammals
Morocco has an estimated 105 species of land mammals, and close to 18 are considered endangered. One of the most common mammals is the dorcas gazelle, the smallest gazelle that exists. This particular breed has long, curved horns on both the males and females and very long legs. They tend to feed on Acacia leaves and are very active in the evening and morning, due to the heat of the Moroccan desert. They rarely drink water and absorb the water from plants they eat.

The Sloughi, a species of dog, is one of the most interesting Moroccan animals. Sloughis are often domesticated and are used for hunting. They appear very similar in appearance to greyhounds and are also very fast.

Although the desert heat can be hard on many animals, Morocco boasts more than 454 species of birds, nearly all of them native to the country. The most common types of birds include pheasants, pigeons, doves, woodpeckers, and partridges. Other types of birds that occupy the coast include pelicans, gulls, and boobies. Ducks, swans, storks, flamingos, and even ostriches are native to Morocco as well.

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